Singles, 3v3 Teams, Fight Club IV, $550 Bonus Prize Pool, Summer Jam 9! Essington PA, August 28-30

Now that we have a little over two months away, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone about Summer Jam. Please spread the word, and if you’re interested, try your hardest to go! Support the scene, as this will surely play into 3S’s health in future tournaments.

Summer Jam 9
Friday August 28 - Sunday August 30

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
76 Industrial Highway
Essington, PA 19029

Taking place on two head to head Versus City cabinets will be:
·Double Elimination Singles ($10) (Saturday, ~1pm) +$450 prize pool bonus!
·Double Elimination 3v3 Teams ($15 per team) (Saturday, ~7pm) +$100 prize pool bonus!
·Fight Club IV (FT3/5 Exhibitions, Fight Card style)

·Huge thanks go to Nica KO Lloyd Peralta and Mutant XP Anthony Chu, as they will be bringing their This Is Third Strike! setup to enable us to not only stream/commentate the entire event, but to also bring Fight Club IV!

·Pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged! Not only do you save on the venue fee (It is currently at $35 and will increase to peak at $60 at the door), it also enables us to show Big E that 3S is well and alive so that it will be a staple at future events. You also allow me ample time to generate brackets.
NOTE: While pre-registering online is optional, you MUST register through Big E in order to register for the tournament. THERE WILL BE LINES. So pre-register if you can, and if not, show up early Saturday morning. I am only in charge of running the tournaments, not the money.

·The venue always sells out, so I suggest you book your rooms as well! They have a fairly generous discount rate for Summer Jam attendees, so it’s very affordable!
(610) 521-9600 - Mention “NEC Summer Jam 9” as the discount rate.

I am personally adding a total of $550 to the prize pool. $400 will go to the singles, with five (5) $10 bounties on my top 5 seeded players (my discretion). The remaining $100 will be added to the 3v3 tournament!

I guarantee you we will be doing our best to bring you the best offline 3S tournament experience you can get! There will be plenty of hype, plenty of salt, plenty of side bets! If you’ve any questions, fire away!

Will the curse of the Gavino end?
Will Justin Wong walk in and disrespectfully take the money?
Will East Coast defend it’s own territory?
Will Canada lay the smackdown on some candy-asses?
Will Chris G shoot up some bballs old school?
Will Rage send NASA administrator MutantXP to Space?
Will the Khangqueror step forth and defend his own prize money?
Does North Carolina have the testicular fortitude to show up?
Will the online troll of 12 ditch Gavin again?
Will Matt Diesels hyperbomb some more grandmas at Summer Jam?

FIND OUT August 28th, only on

Pay Per View.

Arcade for a tournament main event -> back to the future 2002

Who generously lends his cabinets for this?

Big E has been collaborating with Tony Majors to bring an arcade room to NEC

Sweet, I should be able to make it

That one doesn’t even have any green.


2012 AllStar, Cardinals 2011-2015
but played baseball in 1999 too, probably on Dreamcast

or an older guy, batter
The Baseball player named Lance

There he is in a team of 3 on 1 fightcard

Awards (year long award)
2011 NL Comeback Player of the Year