Sinister stick works... So far. Next step: Genesis

first a problem with the shuriken Android app.
I can’t find a way to access the spoiler feature, So I’ll do it manually. VVVVVVVVV indicates start a finer details. This is to avoid at TLDR. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ indicates end of finer details. unless somebody could tell me how I’m an Android to activate the spoiler tag this is the way I have to do it for both your sake in mind.

Welll my hired hand has now confirmed, that the Paradise Cthulhu does wirk accotding to my system.

My history with this working:

First my guy used color based wiring , where nothing worked on his and only Dreamcast worked on mine. ( He had a B standard RJ45 cable and I had an A, or vice versa, and wired both oppositely. ) Then you guys found out as long as it’s straight line wiring, keep it’s straightline wired. Whether a-a or b-b. A and B standards only pertain to modems.

That’s why a $10 RJ45 tester works better than a full RJ45 tested at $100+. All joystick makers care about is it’s straightline and there’s no “leaks” of signal. The $10 tester tests it quicker than removing the head and using a miltimeter on them indvidually.

That got Dreamcast, PS1/2 , and Xbox Prime working. SNES and Game Cube/ bc Wii failed, and Saturn wasn’t testable until he found his video cable for the saturn. NES was untestable, because he had video problems on his NES and a TG16 he doesn’t own.

Then he noticed flaws in those 2 adapters, so i ordered a new one of each. And they worked. Plus since then, he found his Saturn video cable and the joystick did work.

Now, all the systems he tested works. Bell work both ways left stick right button as well as right stick left button. every opposite direction is properly horizontally mirrored – quicks on Index.


As of now the TurboGrafx 16 and NES have not been tested, all the rest of the Cthulhu systems do work in both left and right-handed mode.

question 1 is it safe to assume that if the endless and tg16 adapters don’t work but it’s the fault of neither Paradise Arcade the modern makers of the Cthulhu, a wiring problem with my long distance buddy who became a decent friend that I hired? if that’s the case then I just have to buy new adapters for the NES and TG16 from a place that guarantees their products.

Question 2 I was debating whether to get a brook PS Ford of Genesis adapter but before I can confirm it my friend went ahead and did the work,. I was only considering the other routes if it was too hard for him to do the pad hacking of a real Genesis stick.

Now any information specific the joystick hacking a real Sega Genesis 6 button pad?

Does using genuine sega parts usually last longer abd is easier than third party parts, whether Sega-authorized or cheap generic?