SINIX SSF4 Ryu, Chun-Li T-Shirts: Pre-order at

Hey all,

I posted this in the Trading Outlet, but someone suggested that I post in the general area, too. If this isn’t appropriate, please let me know (no flames, please ^_^) and I’ll remove it.

This week, is releasing the first pair of SINIX SSF4 character t-shirts in the entire series, starting with Ryu and Chun-Li.


These are designed on a Men’s American Apparel 100% Cotton Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The graphics provided show a 3 color design, complete with SSF4 character and tagline in front, plus focusattack logo in back. Final design will vary in the logo - it is smaller and more refined.

You can pre-order up a Ryu or Chun-Li shirt in either S, M, L, XL, or XXL for a low price of $19.99. :slight_smile: Plus, you can get a free button from SINIX Design with your order. Free button only applies to pre-orders. Like everything available at, these t-shirts have a 30 day money back return policy and ships worldwide!

Pre-order shirts here: Apparel - Focus Attack

Want to see the entire 35-character SINIX SSF4 series? Get the buttons here: Sinix Design Super Street Fighter 4 Character Pins

Just wanted to spread the word. :slight_smile: We’re taking suggestions for the next pair of shirts.