Sins of our past


I was digging through my collection of comics when I found Udon’s Iron Fist. Iron Fist sucked. Pretty cover, but the comic was full of unoriginality, and horse poo. I’ll cut some slack, Iron Fist never has been a very interesting character. I want my $3 back, or at least an apology.


Yes, it suck. When you start reading the script and you realized he never used his fist for like 4 issues, then you know something is wrong. But its a job. When you take on a job, you have to finish it no matter how you enjoy it or not…


Wow, I totally did not expect a reaction quite like that. I now have a new found respect for you. I’m speechless…


As I have stated before, I will do my best to reply to anything I can reply to. I am here to communicate with your guys. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your respect! :wink:


yet more proof that Udon is the best comic studio ever :tup:


Udon studios !!! you guys do great art and all, but you guys need writers man.


We did not write Iron Fist. We are only doing the art. That is why we have NO control whatsoever on that story…


Speaking of old series, any chance Sentinel will be making a comeback? I loved that series. I know it’s not up to Udon, but if it came back, would you guys do the art/coloring for the series again?


hmmm… well Marvel and DC comics storyline suck ass too. Do we really need a young avenger, new avenger and ultimate avenger team going on at the same time?? The 80’s and 90’s glory days are gone.:sad:


:rolleyes: <---- Thats all I can comment on right now… hee hee…