Sinsation Results Thread


Post all results in here.

TvC Results

TvC was 1. Justin (Jun/Chun) 2. Marn (Karas/Ryu|Morrigan)

SF4 Results

Marn/Gootecks - Gootecks wins 7-1

Combofiend/Justin Wong - Combofiend wins 7-4

3s :
1st - Justin
2nd - Combo
3rd - Gootecks

1st - Marlinpie
2nd - Marneto
3rd - Frank the tank
4th - Justin
5th - Combo


  1. Gootecks (Rog)
  2. Joe (Sagat)
  3. Justin (Guile/Rufus/Akuma/Chun)
  4. Andre (Bison)
  5. Combofiend (Rog/Dhalsim)
  6. Marn (Rufus)


  1. Justin (Sagat)
  2. Biran aka Ganelon (Claw)


damn gootecks you beat the shit out of him… wat can i say you was playing with a black man ahahahaha… good shit gootecks and combofiend


combo and gootecks are too sick
and good shit to justin for winning tvc


I called WC winning the sf4 mms weeks ago right when everyone over here was like its going to be a sweet EC win. They have more top players around the same level where as Marn i cant speak for but Justin has 0 comp over here on the EC…Yet


nigga’s always coming in the say some shit like this


Meh im happy this happened maybe now EC players will step they shit up and stop thinking Justins god in sf4…this is not Mvc2.


EC gotta step up that IV game, good shit to Combo and Gootecks you guys are nutty


Any videos? Sounds like they were great matches, though.


niggas over here in team hate never thought that… he was some kind of god lol… justin just have to many nigga’s that ride him to much…


Dont know what EC players those are but that certainly doesn’t apply to any players in Hate City.


gootecks/combo: Good shit socal!


good shit combo/ryan


This must’ve been hype.


Loved the TVC finals, awesome stuff!


Man Combo went to Justin’s ass real talk it was a good match up, that shit was mad hype. Gootecks just killed Marn damn shame,Gootecks and Combo some damn mean Balrog players.


damn, didn’t think WC would rape


Uhh… niggas in the EC don’t have the game…

NY isn’t top of EC anymore… hasn’t been for a while… if we have to rely on NYC to get it done (since only NY, and Philly have the game), of course shit isn’t gonna happen.


lol and what games we(nyc)are not the best in on the EC?


I hear Gootecks is very GOO…D


gootecks/combo so damn beefy. gj WC