SinSation SF4/TvC/HDR/GGAC/SC4 Feb 7-8, 2009 combofiend/gootecks vs justin/marn

Welcome to 2009!!!

Feel the SinSation! Presented by Team Kapital, with support of and

Held at:
Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks*
11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
Fairfax, Virginia 22033 USA

$20 Registration Fee
$10 Cover Fee for non-tournament participants
$10 each tournament

Saturday Feb 7, 2009
10:00 AM - Registration
12:00 PM - Street Fighter 4**
2:00 PM - Soul Calibur 4
3:00 PM - Guilty Gear Accent Core
3:00 PM - Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike
5:00 PM - Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
6:00 PM - Marvel Vs Capcom 2
11:00 PM - L.I. Joe/Demon Hyo VS ComboFiend/Gootecks (waseda style**)

Sunday Feb 8, 2009
10:00 AM - Registration
11:00 AM - Gootecks VS Marn - First to 7
11:30 AM - ComboFiend VS Justin Wong - First To 7 - following Gootecks VS Marn
12:00 PM - Guilty Gear Accent Core Continues
12:00 PM - Soul Calibur 4 Continues
12:00 PM - Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike Continues
12:00 PM - Street Fighter 4 Continues
12:00 PM - Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Continues
1:00 PM - Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Continues
1:00 PM - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
2:00 PM - Capcom Vs Snk 2

Street Fighter 4**
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Soul Calibur 4
Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 ($5)
Capcom Vs Snk 2 ($5)

NonTournament Main Events:
ComboFiend VS Justin Wong - First To 7
Gootecks VS Marn - First to 7
L.I. Joe/Demon Hyo VS ComboFiend/Gootecks (waseda style**)

Gootecks VS Exodus - First to 7

Steve H. VS Combofiend (SB3 runback)

Potential Matches
ComboFiend Vs Ramza (3S SB3 runback)
Nestor VS L.I. Joe (NEC runback)
Marn VS Paul Wall (NEC runback)

Tournament Rules
-Prizes 65/25/10% of entry fees of the respective tournament
-Each tournament will be double elimination (you must lose 2 matches to be eliminated)
-Standard matches will be 2 out of 3 games
-Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3 out 5 games
-Button mapping is ok, programmable pads are banned
-during a match, winner of a game, keeps character/team, loser may switch characters
-You are responsible for your own controller when your match comes up
-game freezing glitches are banned
-game pausing will be dealt with on a per-instance basis. generally, person who pauses loses, but it’s up to the proctor/judge
-I will seed people by region, so you will not be playing anyone you came with early in the tournament. I take pride in my bracketing, and anyone who knows my work knows that I try to make them as fair as possible (except for people who are late)

-(hdremix) default settings (speed/etc), all characters are allowed
-(cvs2) no console characters
-(3s) no gill
-(mvc2/cvs2) winner does not have to keep team order between games
-(mvc2/cvs2) must keep team order for the first game, if blind pick is requested
-(tvc) fire stage is banned
-(tvc) all characters are allowed, however glitches involving both players unable to attack one another are banned (similar to the gambit flyout glitch in mvc2)
-(sc4) default settings (damage, time, etc)
-(sc4) no bonus or custom characters allowed
-(sc4) random stage select only
-(sc4) camera altering glitches banned
-(sc4) algol and yoda are banned
-(ggac) no ex, gold, shadow, or any other alternate characters allowed

** Street Fighter 4 set up accepts standard playstation/playstation 2 controllers

***waseda team style
team 1 - player a, player b
team 2 - player 1, player 2

player a vs player 1
if player a beats player 1, player b plays player 2
if player 2 beats player b, player 2 plays player a
if player b beats player 2, team 1 wins set
if player 2 plays player a, winner’s team wins set


If you don’t have a group to stay with, you can get some help with lodging or travels by emailing

compliments of and Sasmasta

preregister: (remember that part about seeding?)

any questions, email: or pm exist

Sinsation over C3 FRAYYYYY!!!

Wherever this is, I’m there!!!


3S should be added <3

and cvs2, h8, fuck <3

i have a sinsation on my peni…

ohhh i get it

I like the Avatar’s guys!!! LOL

Im going to talk to Phi and Perfect Sin about having 3s/cvs2/mvc2 as side tourneys or even move it to team tourneys!!!

$5 entry per head(side/team tourneys)…how does that sound?


In 2009 Kapital (owned by Perfect Sin) will be up and running so plz keep an ear out…website and merchandise will be up early/mid 2009!

Kapital will also have some of the most talented/potential players from our coast on board and representing for Team Kapital!

Roster will be posted up soon!!

plz support the cause…which is to organize our tourney and gaming scenes on this coast so we can revive our EC Capcom community thru collaboration!

Thanks again for the time!!!

I will be at Sinsation and the Philly tourney helping Big E out at the end of Feb wit his tourney…so if neone wants to go let me know!


Again plz come out and support these tourneys i mentioned above…oh and Big Asian/Nken/Sloganator…u guys been a part of this scene for a while now…it would be cool to have u guys come out and rep!!

hope everyone has an awesome HOLIDAY!!!:woot::woot::woot::woot:

C u in 2009!!!

I’ll be thereeeeeee <3

sinsation is the real deal!!! lets get this popping. you kno im there and ill spread the word to other nyc peeps


bad date guys

I must say that i do not have anything planned for that weekend right now… i really do want to get some SF4 games and TvC.

oh and im glad you like the av’s!!

wtf happened to sinsanity.

also gg should have a 5 hit max combo rule.

marvel should have a 2 hit max combo rule… every hit after that is 1 minute of story time

to anyone who might think of goin to carolina game summit…
SinSation will not ban your ability to do more than 5 hits in the air

The End

but what about my reptile combos??:sad:

my algol vs. your reptile

what if the masses (cause the gg scene is so god damn cool and are willing to try new things) want a 5 hit max rule? what then? can/will it be enforced? and can i enforce it?

also, reptile simply cannot be defeated.

i like where this is goin

how about we make it an xbox 360 acheivment theme…we make up random rules during matches and see who can get the most achievments!

so it was written, so it shall be done