Sinsation shoutout thread

Thought I’d make this since I met a lot of cool people and wanted to specifically give a lot of people their props and all that, hope Mr Wiz/Sinsation staff don’t mind.

I wanted to start off by saying that this event was way beyond what the hype already was. Even if I didn’t play any games, this event was definitely worth everything, the level of godlike it was is unexplainable. Sinsation was an excellent representation of how a fighting game community should be, and I really hope to see more of these in the future.

Special thanks to Perfect_Sin, EXIST, Phi, all the Sinsation staff/hosts/anyone who helped, and last but not least all the players and participants for supporting, everyone who made this possible.

OK now for the shouts. Sorry if I miss anyone, I will edit later and if I misspell names and all that haha, this is all from memory…

Dr. Chaos - You played really good in your pool of sharks. Pool D was beefed as hell and you pulled it off (didn’t you make it in 16 before you had to leave?)

Demon Hyo - Good chillin with you man, you another cool dude and you got crazy poking skills in A3 and SF4 or any game. I will try and pick up A3 sometime and maybe I’ll give you a better game next time. Also very nice 2-0 win in SF4 on me, you had me trying to figure Vega out the whole time that match :rofl:.

McRomes - By looking at your SRK posts, I didn’t think you were as chill as you were. At first I thought you were cocky, but “determined” is a more appropriate word for you. You got drive to be the best and I respect that, you were much more honorable than I thought. Your gameplay is very technical and I see you making it up there soon. Very convincing wins over me too, I will try to come back better. Very good shit man.

Eric K - Ahhh, UPPERCUT over raw ultra :rofl:. It’s all good though you played hella good still, I just thought you wouldn’t go down at all. We’ll get them next time after console :badboy::coffee: .

Gootecks - NOW THAT’S GOLDEN GLOVES BOXING SIR!!! Haha, congratulations on all your wins, FT7’s and SF4 singles. People might think you are “just another Balrog player,” but that is FAR from the truth. You play EXTREMELY technical, while still adjusting your moves to your opponent’s gameplay. A good analogy to your gameplay would be like listening to musical masterpiece, it was a nice sight. You already know who was on your side during the hype though :lol:.

Justin W - Very nice gameplay as always, I hate to see Chun go down though :sad: . Glad your Rufus and Akuma backed you up so I could see more though. I see why she takes so much work against good players now. I’m sure you’ll go all the way next time.

Combofiend - I got a lot of respect for you as a player and you being a part of the community. I’m glad to see you give out help against your own character and give an insight on the way you think. It was like a live podcast part 2 haha. Your Balrog gameplay reminds me of my favorite boxer, Joe “smokin” Frazier! You always press the fight forward but it’s so technical and planned, you’re the best offensive player I’ve seen.

MiyagiShinX - Finally got to meet you, didn’t figure it out until Kimmiks told me who you were lol. That was impressive gameplay considering your time in SF4. You got into top 16, and even though you had to play kimmiks you gave him a scare, especially that first match.

LI Joe - I gotta give you your props + respect when it is due. Like I told you, nothing against you at all when I was cheering for gootecks, it was just to even the hype that NY was bringing and not let the WC players feel like everyone was against them. You did amazing though, much better than what anyone has seen before. If anyone wants a good example of how Sagat should be played, they should come to you.

Beatface - You were catching onto SF4, this was your first time playing right? When console comes out, I’ll see your Balrog up there! Keep it up, you were at a good learning pace.

Perfect_Sin - Arrrrgh your final match! 1 match away from top 16…EX HANNND lol. That match was amazing though, it’s up there with the gootecks+JWong match and such. So many back and forth momentum. Your Dhalsim and Gief are definitely something people should look for in future tournies though. Good shit.

Javits - Very nice matches, and very good gameplay. You knew exactly what to do against Chun, and you did what just about noone would do. With Honda you would hit me and then sit back and make me gain it back, with the vitality difference in your favor. That’s smart stuff. I really like the Chun vs Balrog match using Chun though…I had so much practice against VA’s Balrog. You still surprised me a few times and they were really close games all the way. I’ll look out for you the next time, you’re a force to be dealt with heh :bgrin: .

umthrfkr - tkim is horrible… . Lol, when that match gets uploaded we needa post that in the XVSF thread, too funny. I got 50$ on > GameStop!

Renegade - SOVA in top 16!??! OH SHIT!! Lol. Hit them links when console comes out though, you’ll be a huge threat in SF4 once you got it. You contained your opponents nicely in the corner for the most part.

Javier - Congrats on 5th in 3rd strike with a tournament full of beasts. Don’t be denying that your Dudley is a monster now, you can’t do that lol.

Tekniqality - All I heard about your spacing, zoning, and mixup was correct. Though, I only got to see casuals of you playing, why no tournament entries?? You would have repped VA well.

Havoc - Good shit at top 16, I see your Abel, shit is SERIOUS!!! Thanks for running SF4, you did a good job and didn’t play shit when it came to business.

skisonic - El Fuerte on SKIIIIS, literally. You’re gonna be USA’s fuerte from the looks of it right now. When console comes out, I already know your execution is gonna be BRUUUTAL. Can’t wait to see what you do at the next one.

Deviljin - Top 16 Viper omg!!! That one HJC burning kick you kept hitting on the other side from like half screen was so godlike. Viper’s best mixup is block though haha, people be too thirsty tryna get some damage on her. Oh and one more thing, her link combo confirm MP knuckle works something like bison’s. You can throw any time in between it and loop that shit. After console, I know you’re going to be a threat too, everybody better keep their DP’s tucked away before they get BOOTED lol :rofl:

Broham - Good to discover another Vampire Savior player. edit: Oh that was BB hood I played, not you. My fault. Come out in the NoVA spots and we’ll be sure to get you in there with the crew!!

Other NC crew - Nice seeing and talkin to you all, especially Saisyu K. His Alex mentality is on a whole nother level, it was a good listen.

Ryry - Hit that FADC and use some focus and your ST Ryu will work in 4!

HOOOLD DAAAT - You really better watch your closet, cuz I WILL jack yo fresh threads! hahahaha.

Smokemaster - Good chillin as always. Can’t wait to see what your pad brings to SF4, you were getting your O(ffense) on in 3s, I saw you playa!

Smokemaster’s bro - That’s unfortunate that you had to come late. Your Abel was already starting to get sick back in like, November? It won’t be long before you’re a huge threat, keep it up.

Hyuga - Best Blanka on the EC? I definitely think so! No one hits that cr.forward ultra like you do, first time I have EVER seen that, and I’ve seen a lot of JPN Blankas. Good shit man hope to see you at future tournaments.

BB Hood 01 - Your Ryu was solid, if you got those ultras out it definitely would have not been pretty for me.

Again, thanks to everyone for making this happen, had a lot of fun, hope to do this again.

edits: Updated some, and for those who I met but can’t remember my screen name, I was wearing gold/black Saturday, and white/baby blue on Sunday.

shouts out to all my sova heads,

dsinnie, seanmiyagi and aleri: fucking fun times

ryry: good shit, you were holding it down

kitsuneking: ggs in hdr

kevman: your bison is gonna be a problem! keep up the good work

chandon- fun times

jah- yous a funny dude, i hope we play more soon

hold dat-got to chat with you for a second about the real world lol but good stuff, the pad warrior

gootecks-nice to have gotten the chance to meet you. you have an dope boxer and i hope to see you again someday

LIjoe- your sagat is insane

dr.chaos- good shit man

demon hyo- nice to get the chance to meet one of my favorite marvel players. you were a very cool kat man, i hope to play you sometime.

Nova kats: good to finally get to meet you all, you guys were funny as i expected.

RVA heads: spec, tornado, puppetmaster, beatface, filpkev, it was good to see you all again, its always fun times we you kats are around

Renegade: sorry about the HD tourney, justin is a hard dude to keep up with i had to leave by a certain time, but its all good, there be other times.

eric kim: nice to have met you

deviljin: thanks for the ass whoopin you gave me in sf4 with viper. ggs

eric V: thanks for making this happen

miyagishin x: nice to have met you and cool guile shock shirt

everyone else who i didnt name, thanks for everything and i had alot of fun

Shoutouts to COMMONSENSE for turning TvC casuals into super turbo.


Full shoutouts later!

props to jaguar for showing up last minute.

good shit.

peace to combo and gootecks. see you in socal.

i updated my site with my coverage of SinSation

check it out

URL in my signature

Shoutout to everyone that helped make the tourny badass. Everyone was cool so I cant really list them. Im just glad I saw SRKers.

i remember seeing you(the young guys) i think one was wearing a shirt of a cartoon. i think it was transformers or he-man or something like that. i thought it was magmaniac for a sec lol

I was wearing a Mario shirt. :lol:

Which guy were you?

Shout outs first and foremost to Eric V, Perfect Sin and Phi Diddy thanks for hosting a sick sick tournament. :lovin::tup:

Eric Kim: My god i should have just done crouching foward dash punch haha but def good shit good seeing you again.

Hold Dat: Damn son we are not as solid as we should be. Mad funny when we asked jibbo if he wanted something to drink. too funny. Hold dat you know what this tournament need some more ***** :rofl:

Jibbo: good shit in the tournament. sucks we didn’t get to play. Nice ninja camera action during 3s casuals. next time we’ll play for drinks :rofl:

Gootecks: Good job in the tournament and taking sfiv. keep it up especially with those gooteckniques. Nice Meeting you. :tup:

Frank The Tank and NC crew: thanks for letting us crash in your room. It was awesome hanging out with you guys. good luck with the sfiv and the friend with the thick burgers:rofl:

Demon Hyo: good seeing you again. we gotta hit up RE5 when it drops on XBL. Good thing there is no lag or dropped rooms irl haha

Joe: son we love you :lovin: haha :nohomo: Def too gdlk for everyone

Exodus: even though you choked alot you still played alot better than ever so ur still my hero. Just a hero who lacks supers :shake:

The NY Crew: You guys really brought alot of comp to the tournament. GS especially to andre. Sucks that i saw alot of NY vs NY early in SF4. GS though.

Myagishin X: dude i am sooooo gonna rape you next time we play lucky you it was my like 5th time playing the game. haha GS though. Good seeing you again dude.

NJ: Damn we got raped so bad in 3s. Kyohei took guilty gear so we didn’t feel as bad just didn’t bring up how bad we did in 3s. I still love being a part of team nj.

Face: dude i choked sooooo bad. but def good chun pretty damn solid and not that typical turtle chun. fun playing you in tournament. oh and we are a part of team F*** Eric Kim hahahaha :rofl:

Noel: It was cool catching up with you and thanks for holding up some of my SF4 matches. But one thing stop throwing out claw in RPS. :rofl:

Combo: Yo gs in winning the FT7 against justin. kept it cool and played it safe showing true patience. Def good stuff.

Devil Jin: I dunno about you but i still like them 3zzz haha we didn’t get to play anything but just chillin seemed fun enough haha.

Big E: damn E i didn’t know you wanted their Cheese that bad haha. went over and stole it.

I’m sorry if i missed anyone. I’m still trying to recover some memories. Def a great tournament and great people i get to see everytime. Special Thanks again to Perfect Sin, Team Kapital, and of course Phi Diddy.

Next Up GVN in Philly.

Its set to private. I think I might know who you are though.

very fun event! good shit to all the hd players. i was the zangief in the sf4 pool 2 who was trying to play like st gief :<

looking forward to any future ~KAPITAL~ events

Hey were you one of the guys I played? I was playing Boxer, I was the youngin.

yeah, first round right? gg! IM me on aim (Federal Welfare) sometime and i can give you some boxer vs gief tips, if you’d like

thats my site, i have pics and videos

im also trying to find out who i fought in the losers bracket, he sat on the floor with a stick, was tall, had dreads, wore a green shirt i think?

Yeah, gg for sure. That would help if you could man.

Great gief, see ya next tourny!

Bob Marley aka Everrett?


Shout out to the dude who called himself “African dude who told you about Dhalisim.”

Taught me and my friend some tips.

aka Black Diago. His tag on srk is Arcas V