Sinycal's Street Fighter Series galleries (minimalism!)


Hello All,

I just recently finished a second set of depicting Street Fighter characters in a minimalist style and decided to showcase them here on SRK. I finished the first “Series” back in May and was going to submit them to the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary art contest, but forgot to enter them in time (oh well!). Both Series 1 and Series 2 are posted on my tumblr, which I will link to down below.

I didn’t necessarily choose these characters because they are my favorites, but instead chose them because of their distinguishable features (such as Sagat’s eyepatch or T. Hawk’s facepaint). Many of them look simple, but the funny thing is that it was the least detailed characters that were the hardest (Necro’s face arrow took a little over an hour to perfect) because the proportions always seemed off if done incorrectly. Anyways, hope you all enjoy viewing these as much as I liked making them and feel free to comment with your likes/dislikes because I like to hear criticism from both sides.


Series 1:
Series 2:

(I will post a few here just so you know what I’m talking about).


nice. I like the Hakan best.


love the ibuki one!


Thanks! I think my two favorites are Hakan and Sodom.

Thanks! Glad you like it. :slight_smile: