Sir Arthur is Ready to do Combos!

Apparently there isn’t an Arthur combo thread. So here you go.
(If there is one and I’m retarded, I apologies)
I’ll start it with this little Aerial Exchange and DHC Glitch combo:

We should have this moved into our Arthur Video Thread. Good job on the DHC glitch combo and welcome to arthur’s knights :slight_smile:

New, better DHC glitch follow up, this combo actually kills Cap now:
Anybody have anymore improvements?

I’ve edged up that combo to 1,073,100 by changing the starter but I changed it to something I had ruled out before so I have a question for you guys. The combo I did is:
:m::h::f::h: xx :dp:+:h: :qcb:+:l: :qcb:+:h: :f::h::s: super jump :m::m::h::s: land :qcb:+:l: :s: super jump :h::u::s: Storm aerial exchange :m::h: xx :atk::atk: :h: xx :qcb:+:s: :l::h: xx :atk::atk: :h: xx :atk::atk::h: xx :atk::atk: :h: xx :atk::atk: :h::s: land :dp:+:atk::atk: DHC :qcb:+:atk::atk: :dp:+:h: :f::h::s: super jump :m::m::h: xx :qcb:+:m: land :f::h::s: super jump :m::m::h: xx :qcf:+:m:

So, my question is, there are two :dp:+:h:s in there, both of them cause the ground bounce, do aerial exchanges reset ground bounces?

A very poorly optimized, first draft of my deadpool/arthur DHC glitch combo. I’ve already started to do better. Also, allows for double groundbounce, as the deadpool assist resets the groundbounce limit, which I technically discovered. </notbragging>

Which arial exchange are you doing? Because I believe the down one after prevents more groundbounces, but the side and up ones might reset it.

You should really try to get some quick as the winds into there as those are deadpools best way to build meter, also a golden axe relaunch in the arthur combo would help the damage a lot, something like this:

Deadpool- cL-cM-H xx qcb+H dash cM-H xx qcb+M dash S super jump H-S land dp+H xx H qcb+H xx qcb+AA DHC qcb+AA fH-S super jump M-M-H xx qcb+M land fH-S super jump M-M-H-S land Deadpool assist qcf+AA

Any combos for Arthur w/o DHC glitch? lol. I mean, UMvC3 is close at hand. Obviously I can trim some elements off of the current and get something but seriously, it looks like all of you got caught up in which of you could spread for DHC-awesomesauce over Arthur’s paltry bread and butter.

He has plenty of combos without the dhc glitch. never used it myself because i thought it was a waste.

A variation of Arthur’s XF2 infinite for XF1. Not an infinite, but pretty much a guaranteed kill.

I’m using Lariat assist here, but there may be others that work. It basically needs to be something that deals constant hitstun so they don’t pop out afterwards, and the higher up it hits the better. If you have two such assists, you can use both in the combo to make it even longer (just loop the part enclosed in {{ }} with the other assist).

(while armoured) :dp::m:, XFC, (walk back if midscreen),
{{:dp::m:, :dp::m:, Lariat Assist, :dp::m:, (wait for assist to hit)}},
:dp::m:, :dp::m:, :dp::m:, delayed :qcf::atk::atk:,
:dp::m:, :dp::m:, :dp::m:

You can lead into this easily by just doing OTG Fire Bottle xx Armour, f+H, dp+M, XFC

Guys… I need a new non golden armor BnB for ultimate… my old combo doesn’t seem to work anymore because the new jump S let’s me too far away from my opponent for the bottle into scythe to connect.

I used: LMH fH S, MMHS, land, bottle, scythe, fH, MMHS, land, bottle, super. for 630k damage.

yes, I would appreciate some BnBs as well (golden and non-golden). Being new to Arthur, I figured getting used to his movement set and his overall tools first would be more important, but I’d like to know what you guys have developed so far for Ultimate. Thanks in advance!

Found a new combo with Chris’ mine assist. Just another reason to have it, since it already allows for follow-ups after airthrows.

I been playing around with arthur for a bit and since I really suck at inputting I would appreciate if someone could upload a video of the following combo

Arthur can get a free combo off one of the following

Fire bottle > Ground scythe > f H > H > Heavenlyl slash > Fire Bottle > (may have time for H > fH) > S > Dont know much about his air combo

Said above combo can be started with air scythe into H (if close enough) f Hwould be more useable if someone could upload a video of a complete combo with damage would be appreciated.

(in or near Corner) L, M, H, F+H, S, (air) M, M, H, S, land otg fire bottle, S, (air) M, M, H, S, otg fire bottle, S,(air) H, S, otg fire, (M) heavenly slash
(424,700 dmg) u can do super at the end if u want. I land this pretty often, especially against teleport char’s, since Arthur’s usually close to a corner they port behind me setting em up for this combo.
If any1 has any variations please share
sorry if this is already known…

Found out how to combo off airthrows with Trish’s peekaboo assist. Uses some new (at least for me) combo tech, specifically the super jumping, j.M, j.S xx crossbow

I have a similar way to combo off an airthrow that uses thor’s mighty smash assist. I’ll make a video later

So I finally got around to making some Arthur combos, theyre mostly the same stuff from Vanilla with some Ultimate tweaks.





This one in particular does about 733k with just one bar in Gold Armor:


So with that in mind:


The combo builds the second meter used, I estimate it does around 760k if you hit all the shots and finish with heavenly slash. Maybe more if you tack on scythe after the bottle, but chances are it will miss. Too bad the end only works if you start far from the corner, the bottle still doesn’t OTG there :frowning:

Did you check the video titles?

Sure thing, I think I got the numbers slightly off so I gotta double check later today.