Sir Mix-a-lot can advertise any product with this song

I swear to god, first spongebob BK kids meals, now Butterfingers?


This song will live on for eternity.

What do you think is next?

shoot, forgot about the target commercial


im holdin way more than books

dude must be getting paid heavy


lololol i forgot all about that one

damn mix-a-lot is cashing in.

bet you there’s a lotta salty dudes in the music industry.

ps. butterfinger commercial was gold.

Dat back.

As somebody who grew up in a affluent and obese neighborhood, it’s nice to see a rapper talking about relevant issues.

man cordelia looks old as hell

when she gonna do some porn before its too late

@ 1:13 Charisma Carpenter would need multiple takes if I was that guy behind her.

He’s milking that song to the end. If I could write one song then live off it for the rest of my life, I’d do it.

Does anyone remember when he had that song “jump on it,” and he released one song for like each state or something? He even had one for Indiana. “Muncie, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it” This was around 97 or 98, way past his prime.

What’s next, Vanilla Ice doing Uncle Ben’s commercial with his comeback hit “Rice, rice, baby” ?

And you thought you were joking…