Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill Match Set

I finally got them up! this was just before thanksgiving when Sir phobos came down to my house for some matches. Here they are, I hope you enjoy them. They are all Team-Are vs Team-Are matches… O_o

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 1

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 2

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 3

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 4

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 5

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 6

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 7

Sir Phobos Vs Hail And Kill 8


Edit: took out OJ vs HK because its hella scrubby

good shit guys

These vids are sick! I have on-days and off-days with my execution, this was definitely an off-day, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them. The last one is pretty funny!

good vids.

two questions: why is it called team a-are,and is H&K the 2nd player?

Yes i am the second player.

Thanks for the comments. We’ll probably get more matches after christmas so i’ll try to get them up early 2006.

good stuff guys, but i saw a couple of things for P1

  • too much rc whoring with crusher’s…gotta take it easy on those. and rh hurricane kicks too.
  • dunno if it’s because you froze or didn’t know, but when sak activates point blank on blanka, he can’t hop back to save himself. If he’s mashing on KKK, then wait til he lands and smack him with st.rh xx sho sho.
    -saw a couple of missed activates (on both sides) :stuck_out_tongue:
    -one of the matches bison landed a sisscors in the corner on 60%+ sak, but didn’t activate to kill her off, but later used it to counter activate to prevent sho sho from happening. I would’ve either just activated the first time, or stick with the rest of the match in not using the activate.
    -the best block cc for blanka i find is [slide x 2-3 xx electricty] x n xx kick super. nice and safe, adds some chip to the block, eats up quite abit of guard meter, and the kick super is a safe super on block. If you can’t get the kick super, then just end the block cc with hop back, which is pretty much just as safe.

for both:

  • it’s not exactly a hard set rule, but I find starting the cc with is alot better than the lk comes out just that little bit faster to help prevent any counter activate bs, and the damage difference is minimal enough to not worry about.

good stuff that i saw:

-lk -> rc electricity is pimp :stuck_out_tongue:
-both blanka’s are very active, which is good :slight_smile:
-i think i saw cr.lp,, st.lp,!) xx scissors…PIMP :stuck_out_tongue:

a question for the both of you:

I starting thinking about RC/reg crusher…and was wondering if mp should be used instead (when punishing). I haven’t had the time to see the damage difference, but position wise you’re alot closer to the opponent afterwards, making it alot easier to keep the pressure on. After a HP one, you’re a full screen away, turn back to what’s suppose to be an advantage for you (since you’re punishing) back to a neutral game.

Thanks for the comments!

I also thought about using that also because usually when i end a combo with a HP psycho crusher, people use early wake up. So, MP crusher is probably a lot better, the damage difference is 100 i think, which isnt very much.

And about blankas KKK hop back, i DO know about it, its just i freeze up whenever sak activates and i just resort to trying to get out of there ASAP. Ill try KKK next Time.

Thank you for the advice! During these matches, I was hitting him with a lot of RC Psycho Crushers, and we joked that I was psychic. So later on in the matches, I started trying to hit him with one whenever he flinched. I usually don’t do that many random RCs.

I know about Blanka’s slide xx electricity custom to chip, but I usually go for a 50/50 mixup if they block after I activate. After they block a few slides, I stop and hit low short, then either RH throw or low short, standing fierces back into the custom. If they stood up to try and tech the RH throw, they can get reset by the low short. Plus, you can cancel into low short at any time, so you can time it to even beat people who mash on jab during blocked customs.

oh yeeeeeeees! I remember that from the vids. You attempted to cross up mixup after the throw during the cc.

You know what, that might actually be a better use of the bar! But no one would stand up during the blanka cc (you can tech throws even when you’re ducking). This way, if they tech the throw, you’re not losing much, and if it turns out the other way (you tech their throw), you keep some of your bar.

Plus if you land the throw, you can do some crazy mix ups to land a cc electricity for big damage. The best one i’ve seen after the kick throw is from japan…after kick throw, you do whiff slide xx mp ball -> electricity(4-6hits) xx super. depending on when you cancel the slide (the timing is semi-strict, but not that strict), the mp ball might cross up (it’s pretty abiguious), giving you in a sense a 50/50 mix up after the throw. the electricity + super alone does some isane damage (at least 5500+).

This is pretty theory fighter right now, as I haven’t really tested it. I’ve only got pieces here and there (the slide mixup after throw from a jap match vid, and the damage data from the electricity + super cc), but it sounds like it should work.

Finally, I get some new A-blanka tactics :slight_smile: thanks guys, i’m loving this thread :slight_smile:

Fucking phobos is God…Psychic!!! =-o

Also, if you look at one of the videos(forgot the number), phobos hits me with a upball on wake up and i throw a s.hp, i remember going. "What the fuck? I’m saposed to punish with this(,, hence the hahahaha. and when i killed blanka with a, i was like “YES! THATS WHAT IM SAPOSED TO PUNISH WITH!” hahahaha. We should record commentary next time.

hey noodle man, i tried the mp psycho, and its kinda bad. It leaves you open, and it doesnt keep the pressure going. So youre best chances are using sciccors -> slide(or a long ranged move that reaches(sometimes the slide doesnt hit)). Or HP psycho crusher… Mp is bad. i think.
Yeah, the blanka mix up is way better. You should slowly do slides n shit, and maybe go for a throw or… sluide…wait…Slide again, and if it hits, more damage coming to you! yay.

Anywho, hey phobos! James said he can probably come if you give em a ride, and he’ll need your mas. Cant wait till the 27, or 28th. =D Matt, bring your camcorder next time?? yeah! =D. that way we have to play non-scrubby on the set! yay. get back to me!

Oh yeah! I remember that A-Blanka crossup, wasn’t that from an SBO vid? I totally forgot about that one, I should use it!

Haha, I’m not sure why I thought you had to stand up to tech throw. Maybe I’ve been playing too much ST. :rofl:

I guess the mixup can still be useful though, if they try to reversal uppercut or something during the gap? If they’re mashing on roll, low short recovers really fast, so you can wait and punish them during the recovery of their roll.

Again, thanks for the advice, and thanks for watching the vids! We’re glad you enjoyed them. :smile:

Edit: Sounds good, Gene!

What cross up trickk O_o…

same concept as delaying a super blanka ballon enemy wakeup…where sometimes it crosses (meaning they have to block the other way)

i was thinking more during the non safe fall guys i think…and the electricity after the mp ball is rc’ed…not really sure anymore…lemme try and pull up the vid again…it’s probrably more fancy than anything.

H&K, thanks for the info on the MP crusher :slight_smile:

Goddamn, how the hell do you play Blanka like that?

you back hop 7 times. and then do random blanka balls. yeaaah…

It seems like everyone is sick. Literally.

ok,who bit who’s avatar?

no one did


you guys let each other get away with way too many jump ins.

old and busted:
combo into scissor kicks ->
new hawtness:
combo into scissor kicks -> mk scissors