Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy. I don’t know if any of you are near any of these print shops (I was informed they’re stictly franchised) but I highly reccommend checking them out if you are. That’s where I finally ended up getting my art printed and the whole ordeal was nothing but exceptional.
I told the woman I spoke to exactly what I wanted and she ran me through what she thought would be the best combinations of paper and laminate for the job. I learned some interesting things about laser printers and laminate and I ended up changing my mind entirely on what I originally thought I wanted.
Once the pleasant part was all said and done she gave me the damage: $5, and it would take less than an hour. She could’ve done it there while I waited in just a few minutes but for the laminate machine needing to warm up.

The experience was very good, the employee I spoke to was very knowledgable and helpful, and the cost (both monetary and time-wise) was also very good. I just thought I would share this with anyone else out there that may be looking for a print shop.