Siren - an led indicator and switchless profile selector for the Magenta


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Paradise will have about a limited number of the Siren v2 with blue leds at CEO this weekend so make sure to swing by their booth early before they are all gone.

Later this week I will post a write up of what you saw in @butteroj 's video but the Siren v2 allows you to switch modes by passing a magnet next to the joystick or connecting the Siren to an external button on your case such as the start button. It has the hardware required to double the functionality on the button so it continues to function as the start button but if held down it will change the mode on magenta (or put magenta into setup mode at power up).

I have more cables coming in later this week and have a just few of the prototype v2 Sirens left. Depending on the demand at CEO we may or may not take this product to production. The boards are rather complex, time consuming and expensive to build so after the last of the protoypes are gone there will be no more small volume runs. If you want a Siren and do not get one at CEO send me a pm and I will let you know if there are any remaining.


Woot! My Siren is on its way so I can complete my stick!

Thank you @ZonbiPanda for being awesome, super helpful and just a pleasure to talk to.

Can’t wait to use my Magenta with the Siren functionality. Without Siren, I don’t think I would have been able to really utilize all the Magenta Profiles because my stick has limited buttons and it would be annoying to constantly open up the stick to push the profile button on the bottom of the Magenta. So grateful that something like Siren exists!


PAS has a limited quantity of Siren’s available for purchase in their booth at CEO right now!


Got my Siren V2 and a LVLT in the mail from @ZonbiPanda today, as well as a new TE2+ To install it in. With help from Zonbi, and my Good Brother @Butteroj everything went together great. This is a work of art. I honestly think that PAS should implement the Siren as a stock feature for the price we are paying already, if not, it’s still worth the purchase alone, I love having the magnet swap profiles, or the button tap as well.

If you guys are on the fence, or considering a purchase, it’s definitely a great addition to the Magenta!


Good to year ykd!

I just offered up the last of the siren spares I was saving in the main magenta thread. If anyone wants one send me a PM.