Sirlin Games

Anyone play Yomi, Puzzle Strike, or Flash Duel? I was thinking about picking up Flash Duel but wanted some feedback on it first.

I play Yomi and Puzzle Strike, love the hell out of both games. Never got around to trying Flash Duel though.
My local playgroup isn’t totally sold on the new updates to PS, but the monopurp nerfs definitely make the game less boring, and that’s coming from an O. Valerie player (though I play Setsuki now in PS lol).

From what I’ve read, Puzzle Strike does seem to receive a lot of updates (more so than the other games). Flash Duel is the game I’m most interested in because of it’s portability and multiple game modes.

Well, Puzzle Strike (the online version) is basically the beta for the next expansion, so that will change regularly until the next retail release.
Since the last rebalance and update, online Flash Duel is current with the retail version and neither are likely to change for a while, and the first ten Yomi characters won’t be seeing any changes, like ever, we’re just waiting on the retail version of the expansion characters.

There are online versions?