Site Logo Help

My fellow Image Mishmash SRKers. I’m in need of a logo for my site, Digital Addiction. I’m an administrator over at my site and I’m not really good at making nice designs and graphical backgrounds =/. I tried going to another forum which was a wrestling forum, and I had to have 200 posts in order to request a banner or avatar which really stunk. I basically need a logo with the size of 280 by 90 pixels. I just want it to say Digital Addiction on it with a background similar to the picture I have attached. Let it have a cool looking font and stuff. Whoever designs the logo WILL BE credited on the site. We at Digital Addiction greatly appreciate it.

You requested for a color change.

Not to critisize your work…

well not TOO much but that isnt exactly a logo, its more like a sad attemp at some crystal looking spikes and text\

and a logo should be something you can easily place attop whatever image/document

I just randomized, but yeah, I do suck.

blargh you said white so yeah.

I think it might help to post a link to Digital Addiction, so people can look at your site / read the content. It might help in generating ideas for designs.

I’ll try and work on something tomarrow. Too tired tonight.

Yeah I forgot about that. Been working on the site all day today =/

I want to have the logo at the top of the forums because we run Invision PowerBoard.

That helps.

Aslo, I know you’re into Quake. But, what other games does Digital Addiction cover?

Is that the general color sceme you’re going with (the page you linked to)?

And by logo, do you mean something like Nike, Napster, etc (logo+text)?

Or something artsy (like what Athan did)?

The basic color scheme can be associated with the website. Digital Addiction is mainly about computer tech help and a little bit of gaming on the side. It deals with a lot of computer related things, Linux etc. About the logo, you could just put the text “Digital Addiction” and you could make a extra logo beside that would be great. Maybe come up with some original, something thats attractive but clean and sharp.

Here’s something I threw together.

I’ll try and work on another version later tonight.

Cha ching !