Site logo(s) request

I’d like to establish a link bar across my site so that people can jump from site to site, letting people know of other sites of interest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of us have ever paid much attention to creating logos or cross-linking…

As such, I’m interested in ~160 x 64 logos for sites such as SRK, CV, CrazyAssKim’s, GameFAQs (yeah, I said it- it’s an OK spot for scrubs to start out on), my site… whatever. Doesn’t need to be fancy - you can see what I have now. :smile:

I’ll rep you or whatever if I can. <3

I’ll definitely make some up later tonight.


I’ll give it a go.
Do you want “zachd” or something?

I’m pretty open, really. =\

I thought the SRK one was fine, as was the combo video logo and Alphaism, so I made one for Gamefaqs, CAK, and you ;p.

If you dont like em, let me know ;D

Thank you very much - I’ve picked those updates up now. :tup: (If you don’t see them all, resize your browser to full screen width and reload - I dynamically load them depending upon how much space I’m given.)

Well looks like Master chibz got this one.
Good job dude.