Site with fighting game MP3s

Yeah, the title says it all. Wasn’t there a site that had a bunch? Did it have Guilty Gear MP3s? Better yet, can someone tell me where it is?

Here ya go.
They even got the MotW mp3s in there, so enjoy! has some OSTs too.

X_X …too many

ShadowHaxor is the shit!:tup:

Thanks a bunch everybody.

so which tracks on the Guilty Gear Vocal collections are worth listening to? i just heard Sol’s theme from the LA Vocal edition and it’s… interesting.

i’ve tried a couple more and the english Holy Orders rendition is okay. not really too fond of Momentary Life (Baiken’s theme).

Omg, Streets of Rage 2…too…good…

[worship]OMG Thank You[/worship]
Now I can listen to Jae Hoon’s theme!!!

Holy fucking shit! I’ve got some downloading to do.

really really thanks!!!

Whoa- Metal Slug MP3s- After all these years (old man voice) I didn’t think they existed.


Omfg You Rule!!!

OMG HAVE MY BABIES!!!:pray: :pray: :pray:

OFG:pray: thats a lot of sountracks!!!:wow:


I can’t find Burning Heat from DDR:7th Mix/Max 2. :sad:

damn, I finally got Mark Of The Wolfes soundtrack,thanks a lot

That was the greatest link in the history of SRK. Thanks! :tup: :pray:

Must hold back joys of excitement as i listen to second impact alex theme.