Sites that sell both 24mm and 30 mmhole saws?

I figured i’d post this hear because i’m using the saws to build a stick. anyway. I need a site that sells both hole saws. I’ve been looking online to no avail:sad:

edit: i found this site that sells both

anyone happen to use this companies products before

Good luck I went through 10 sites and all of them were out of stock…

This is kinda on topic, but not useful to you as you live in the states.

For any builders in the UK who are looking for hole saws - that site linked above is pretty good with price and delivery.

Get the 23mm one and the 29mm one at Lowes or Home Depot and use a dremmel to get that extra one inch you need, thats what I do.

I ordered mine from Sears online a few months ago.

Save yourself alot of time and effort. Go to
and get the 24.1mm and 30.6mm Forstner Bits. They cut better than holesaws and are less likely to crack plexi.

It’s crazy I know, but Amazon has them.

15/16 = 24mm
1 3/16 = 30mm

I got mine from Amazon and used them to drill my metal panel for my cab. They work perfect.

^ i went with amazon, thanks for all the help guys

I used a 1 1/16 bit for all my holes. If you wanted to save a few bucks you don’t need the 15/16 for the joystick, thats just the minimum, 1 1/16 works fine.