Sites that ship sticks to Canada for a reasonable price?

I’m looking to grab one of those Hori EX2s for the 360. Problem is, none of the stores in my area have it, and every other site/ebayer charges like $20+ for shipping. A lot of Amazon sellers don’t ship electronics outside of the US either.

$20 to ship anything to Canada is quite inexpensive. I just shipped a firewire cable in an envelope via USPS Express Mail to a customer in Canada and the shipping was $26! I would imagine shipping a joystick will be alot more than that, and USPS definitely has the best rates going. :tup:

ya, 20$~ is cheap for shipping. I just bought a vshg earlier from play-asia, 70$ for the stick, 66$ for shipping.

i sent a modded doa stick to a guy in canada and shipping was around $22 international priority so that is pretty much the average.

those sticks weigh about 5lbs packaged and come in a decent sized box anyways so i dunno how much you think shipping is supposed to cost.

Ah, yeah. I usually only order data online (downloadable games, etc), so I’m not used to the shipping costs yet. Usually I do online because it’s easier/cheaper, but with those shipping costs, I’m better off trying to find it at a retailer.

Maybe I should be asking another question then. Are there any good Canadian vendors that sell sticks?

the acclaimed finkle makes custom sticks. the guy is a pro.

Holy @*#%& if you find someone who is shipping ANY kind of Hori stick to Canada for $20, post that link braaah. :rofl:

i bought 4x hrap from play-asia

320 the sticks
330 the shipping
130 (20% from 650) the import tax

lol :lovin:

be glad that you live where you live :wasted:

Ouch, i gotta bow down, u are the champ.