Six axis only working wired


i bought a couple of six axis pads a few months ago as i just wanted the pcbs for projects, cost me £12 for the pair, from a seller on another forum, both have analog sticks that stick and ofone r3 and l3 on either is not working

but perfectly usable and with me being lazy completing the stick, I’ve just been using the pads in rotation with my dualshock

last week one of the pads wouldnt connect to ps3, so i reset the pad with the needle button on the back and alls good

i just tfied using it now and its not connecting again, i put the usb cable on and it connects fine and shows 2 bars on charge level, but as sson as i disconnect the usb cable it switches off, and theres no response when presing PS button, and theres no longer a reset button on the back, i can see a hole and the pcb, where cohld it have gone?


Have you tried replacing the battery?


where would i get a new battery and connector?

i could always use one from the other pad, but i dont really want to open and then leave bits and pieces lying around, cuz i work 11 hour shifts and i always lose things because i dont finish them off because of time constraints


Used to be, you could order replacement batteries from Sony, though I don’t know if that’s still possible.

That said, opening up a Sixaxis and replacing the battery isn’t really hard.