Six button layout xbox 360


Well I ordered an art tek case a couple days ago with alot of art, I got the top panel with a six button layout and I play mvc3, I was wondering with only six buttons how would I use my reserve team in the game.I’ll feel like I’ll have to chose my team manually with less buttons on my stick,


MvC3 only uses 6 buttons, so you’ll be fine. I disable my 7/8 buttons.


If you don’t have a LB then you can’t. Yeah, it kinda sucks.

If you have a “Select” button you can wire it to LB instead if you wanted. You don’t need Select for 95% of fighters anyway.

You can also wire up your stick to use the default ? setup. This would be:


This would give you

S A1 A2


I actially use B setup and its the same way you explaned on stick, i was thinking that since its an xbox stick i would wire the RT to the LB soo ill have
A B LB instead of X Y RB
A B RT, idk if this would cause me trouble, i guess i could always be one of those guys that will press start to change their buttons and stuff


I’m saying if you wire up the buttons the way I posted and used the A setting instead of B setting you wouldn’t have any issues.

Using B setting is what leaves you without a LB.


In a match the controls change but in the character select screen it asks you to press lb to bring out ur saved team , thats wat I mean, in game I,dont use lb