Six Flags - SRK Edition

Went to Six Flags today with the wifey (her bday), day 2 of my 6 day pass. I love rollercoasters and won’t ride one unless I’m in the front. I figured, what better way to share my day with SRK than with vids!!!

So here they are, Six Flags SRK Edtion:
Kingda Ka
My favorite ride. I always get to the park as early as possible before opening just so I can make it to the front of this ride asap. Fastest and tallest, the climb and drop are insane. Video just doesn’t do this ride justice as it goes so fast that it seems a lot less taller than it is, but notice how high we really are before we drop back down.

My wife’s favorite and a classic. The longest coaster ride of the park, no loops, but none needed as the constant long drops and small ass seatbelt device give you a nice freefalling vibe.

Pro tip- At early hrs, the line for it is pretty much nonexistant due to it not only being a 4-seater, but also having 3 trains running at all times (other rides have 2). It’s always the 2nd ride for us because you skip any waiting and walk right up to the ride.

This bad boy is like a blend between Kingda Ka and the Nitro. No loops, but it’s fast as fuck with sharper camelbacks than Nitro, so you get a cool whiplash kind of feel going up and down the hills. Also, because the track is made entirely out of wood, it shakes a lot, making it even more intense and like the Nitro, it doesn’t have a shoulder harness so it makes you think you’re gonna fly off the damn thing.

This is another awesome ride. Lots of loops, twists and because the track is above the coaster, you are always hanging. Good speed, not too fast, but it’s very good at scaring you cuz its loops, twists and turns get really close to hitting ground, poles, etc. This is basically a manlier version of the Superman (fuck that pos). If the line is short, it’s worth catching back to back rides on this one.

If you’ve been to the park in the last few years and are excited about this ride, you’ll be disappointed. Why? Because it’s the Medusa, rebranded and repainted. Even the building still says “Medusa” on it, rofl. Having said that, the Medusa was pretty fucking fun and so is this one. Lots of loops and twists, with added water sprinkle and flame effects, lasts longer than the Batman. This would be the Ryu of rollercoasters as it’s very good all-round.

Pro-tip: Do not get on the most intense (Ka, Nitro and Toro) repeatedly or even in succession. Throw the fun ones in the mix. Otherwise, you’ll get used to the rush and all the other coasters will lose their intensity. Also, don’t gradually build up from the simplest to the most complex ones. By the time you reach the big boys, you’ll build up too much resistance. Mix it up!!!

Hope you enjoyed Six Flags SRK Edition!

i had fun watching these, thanks for posting them :slight_smile:

the bizarro one looks hardcore, haha