Six Women Rape Man to Death!


Apparently sex is a weapon and jealousy can be deadly. In a strange case of extreme jealousy, six women raped a man to death in Nigeria.

*A wealthy Nigerian man,Uroko Onoja, of Ogbadibo, was raped by his six wives until he died. Onoja was reportedly having sex with his youngest wife when his five other wives attacked him with sticks and knives and demanded they he have sex with all of them. Onoja tried to resist the attack but the women overpowered him and insisted that he have sex with each spouse, starting with the youngest to the oldest, according to Nigeria’s Daily Post. *


Awesome to the Max!


This is how I would want to die.


Death by “Snu Snu”



What a shit way to die.


This thread wouldn’t of been right, if it was made by someone without a Futurama avatar.


Imagine if the genders had been reversed. Yeah, I don.t see anything funny or awesome here.

And the guy was a philanthropist too. This is sad


Apparently marrying 6 black women is dangerous.


I like my Nigerians in my inbox…not raping each other.

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I would of fucked all 6 of those bitches till they died. This guy gets no respect from me.


Interesting. Instead of resisting he should’ve told them to relax and wait their turns. If he survived and the article said he fought back doing some Nigerian martial art naked, that’d be funny.


so how did he die exactly? the sex or the sticks and knives…did he actually get stabbed to death…and they were just fuckin a corpse?


If you read the article you’ll find out he stopped breathing in the middle of having sex.


Sometimes people have to catch their breath during intercourse. Too much of this at once caused him to like… apparently suffocate in the middle.


Will Gotti sighting. :woot:

some chick marrying six dudes… she’d be dead before the honeymoon was over…


I thought women had no rights there? This could have been prevented with a mere backhand.


he was a nice guy who tried to appease his wives. unfortunately his dick was writing checks his heart couldn’t cash.



I wonder do people want to get raped by women now?:wonder:

Getting held at knife point/Getting dick burnt with a curling iron/Tied up to a chair and force-fed viagra…


We live in dangerous yet kinky times

This is the first thing i heard in terms of Nigeria that i believed.

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I bet he was no younger than 80.