Sixaxis aracde stick mod Q & A


I have a few question about using a sixaxis ps3 controller for a arcade stick

Iam building a two custom Gundam Extreme VS arcade stick just for this game iam just wondering is the Leo V2 the best one to use are there any better ones out there


leov2 makes it easier to do a dual mod
there is also an axisadaptor pcb which will probably do the job cheaper


i do not need to dual mod and i dont want to mess up the wireing on a sixes so i want add a external add on so i dont mess it up it will only be for ps3 and gundam extreme just trying to find the best i guese the leio v2 will the best one eh
Still working on it but i have all the button mapped iam using a datel arcade pro case for both most of the buttons wont be used might cap some of them still trying to figureout what art to use on it



What benefits would the leo give you over an axisdapter if you wont be dual modding?


If you don’t plan on Dual Modding or adding additional boards for LEDs and stuff, and AXISdapter will do you just fine.

But the wiring may be the slightest, slightest bit easier to understand or do?


toodles’ instructable on the axisadaptor should suffice


If all you plan to do is just install a sixaxis into the stick then the AXISdapter will suit you just fine.


Hi, question for Gummo,

Do you have any Leo V2’s for sale? as akishop have just refunded my funds


I agree, if dual modding is not needed, Toodles’ AXISdapter will be the cheapest, easiest, and cleanest way to acomplish what you are looking to do.


yes i do.


Okay just spent refunds, is it on your website? can i pay there?


Does it come with the switch? I just want to run it off the sixaxis battery which I’ve seen on a thread somewhere in SRK.
And could you please let me know the cost? + shipping to NZ please.