Sixaxis -> SNES Controller

Thought this might be of interest to you lot.

The initial premise went along the lines of “No controller has been as ideal for playing Street Fighter on as the original SNES controller.”


I plan on creating an proper step-by-step later, these are just a few of the pics I took along the way.

There’s a couple of bugs to work out (the shoulder buttons don’t feel as though the rubber underneath is aligned properly, and I suspect that the ‘up’ and ‘left’ solder points have detached during the squeezing back in the case). No time to fix them now though - off on holiday in a few hours!

Hope you enjoy!

My god. That’s pure savagery. I love it. Definitely one of the sweetest things I’ve seen.

What are you gonna do about R2/L2?

That is beautiful

Wow … that brings back memories

Whilst I like the convenience of the R1 and R2 shoulders, I’m going to have to old-skool it and press all three punches or kicks manually. Perhaps an upside would be that if I stop using the Ultras so much, Seth will stop sneaking through them and battering me as often :sweat:

thats cool but why is the snes pad good for sf4? i hated that pad on sf2 :rofl: its all about the genesis or saturn pad.

i could never do a fiernce dp with one hand on those. its like some mind mastery lol

Nice mod. Personally (if I had the time/ability/non-mongoloid dexterity/etc) I would have tried to put the PS button where the cord hole is.

Out of curiosity (if you’re not on holiday yet), desoldering the analog sticks and cutting the PCB still yielded a functional controller?


I can’t see how that would be better then the six-axis in any way. Especially now that you have to use the left shoulder button. I don’t mind using shoulder buttons on the right but when their on the same side as the d-pad it just throws off my game. Cool mod but seems completely wasted.

I hate the SNES pad, but A+ for effort.

Yeah, even though I disagree with you on how good the controller is…awesome mod!

I loved the SNES pad. That’s where I learned to play Street Fighter II. I never had a problem doing a DP on the same side as the D-Pad. I do have a problem with consistency. I’d say 5% of the time I get a Hadouken, instead of a Shoryuken. But whatever. Now I got my SE stick and I’ll never have to worry about that again. But yeah, SNES pad. Good times.

I can’t believe that worked… that’s awesome!

Would have been real sweet on a Saturn Pad (SF is a Six Button game), but A+ for effort.

I guess some people done appreciate the pure awesomeness of this hack. I used to set up my controls to have the bumpers be MK & MP back on the snes. Ahh memories.

yeah, did that too. :lol:

it was just impossible to do a strong hodouken, or dragon punch with the L button.

Haha that’s why I put strong on R.


All day, every day. lol

Apologies for bumping this so late on… I’ve since fixed the controller entirely, and it works great!

Although it’s not that clear from the pictures, the cord hole is where the connector for recharging is. Although I’d like to say it way excellent planning on my part, the truth is that it took very little effort for it to end up in the right place.

This was something I was very worried about initially, but reasoned that there was no way it was fitting in otherwise, and at the worst I could just wire them up. As it happens there is no problems at all (that I can tell, at any rate).

Oh yes, I been meaning to make one of these.
Thank you for bumping the Thread.