SIXAXIS users, what button configuration do you use for SF4?

First of, I apologise if this thread is wrongly placed.

I have had SF4 for a while now and I got decent. However I have now developed a problem.

Now that I have added Focus attacks to my overall game I have found my self mapping the buttons differently to enable easy use in the heat of battle. The problem is that it usually comes of the cost of other buttons which are important to my game.

Now I am having awkward time trying to play well and I never feel that I have enough buttons on my pad. I particularly have problems with the L1 AND L2 buttons I just find them incredibly awkard.

The availability for a stick or fight pad is scarce so I may have to deal with the sixaxis for a while which is why I came here.
What button configuration do you use when you play SF4? Maybe I could borrow some of the ones people use here?

By the way, I use Bison, Ryu and Cammy.

Im pretty sure i use configuration B. Its pretty easy using a sixaxis at the moment because I use Boxer and Dictator. Only problem is landing a headbutt into and ultra with Boxer :frowning:

This config has been my standard for all fighting games.


light punch - square
heavy punch - triangle
light kick - X
heavy kick - circle
medium punch - L1
medium kick - R1
PPP - L2
KKK - R2


I use the default pad configuration and I haven’t had an issue with it. Triangle+Circle as my mediums make focus attacks viable in a match. L1 as HP makes EX moves easy as its close to triangle. R2 as 3K covers my need for EX moves involving kicks. It really depends on the character you use but I can see the default config being cumbersome for certain characters.

default. No complaints.


R2 and L2 on the sixaxis are poo.

Pretty sure evo isn’t allowing sixaxis. You need to have an adapter.

I use a variation Of the Default Control. what I did is I switch the placement of L1 and L2 for R1 and R2, I reverse the Top Buttons

I think I use default for all buttons except the L/R layout. Right now I have L1 as Heavy Kick with L2 being 3K & R1 Heavy Punch, with R2 3P. Makes Ultra’s easy to pull out, since I just have to move my finger back one, and the focus attack is really easy with it being Triangle + Circle. Also, throws aren’t too bad, Square + X isn’t too difficult to do.

when i was on six axis i had something like

x - lk
cicrle - mk
square - hp
triangle - mp
L1 - lp
R1 - hk
L2 - PPP
R2 - KKK

Thanks for the replies guys. I guess a lot of people are leaning towards the default layout it seems.

I forgot to post my current set up. It is a bit messed up but well, thats why I have problems lol.

Square: L. Punch
Triangle: PPP
Circle: M. Kick
L1: Throw
L2: F.A
R1: H. Punch
R2: H. Kick

Thing is, since I find it difficult to pull out ultras with the L buttons so I put throw and FA there.
It makes Focus canceling and tech throws so much easier, since they don’t need directional input.
Ultras and ex moves are easy to pull out too.

My main problem is that I miss out on certain pokes and varying strengths of special moves. I guess it is cause I haven’t settled on a main yet perhaps…

I guess I will try the standard set up for a while.

I play Sagat and Sakura so i Have L1 as 3 kicks and L2 as Focus Attack, 3 punches is a waste of a button

i first i thought ppp/kkk in L2/R2 felt weird, i would constantly throw out ex moves i didn’t want to.

with enough practice on six axis though i got used to it, actually my setup has been used for various fighters dating back to the dualshock controller. I always have to put my LP command as L1 because any other default just feels weird as hell to me.