Size comparison between MadCatz TE (1st edition) stick and MvC2 stick

Hey guys new member here. I’m getting into fighting games now and I wanted to get a MadCatz TE Stick but I don’t know which one to get. I’m leaning towards the first original TE stick because I like the white trimming on the side but I also like the artwork on the MvC2 stick. So I’m going to base this on which one is bigger. Are they the same size or is the TE stick bigger than the MvC2 stick? The TE looks bigger but if anyone here has both it would help me a lot if you can give me the measurements.


Same exact thing, just different color scheme and artwork. The button mapping on the Marvel stick is also different to work with the MVC2 default.

There is no size difference.
It is exact same.

Only difference between the two is Art, Bezel color, Side color, Button Mapping, Button color.

Ooo… thanks. I feel stupid now. That white trim on the side makes the stick look bigger… Btw with the issue of the button mapping, I could always go into game settings and set whichever button I want to whatever I want correct? For instance if the get the SF TE stick I could just map the RT button for my second assist?

yes you can map your buttons to whatever you want.

what they said!!!

Your other option for the buttons is to open up the faceplate and just rotate the QD wiring for the last four buttons CLOCKWISE…

Frankly, considering that the default for SF IV is more common for fighting games than Marvel Vs Capcom 2 the QD swap makes more sense than reprogramming the buttons every time you want to use the stick!

The PCB on the M Vs C 2 stick is different than the PCB’s used for the Round 1 and 2 TE sticks… Otherwise the MvC2 stick uses the same plastic color as the R2 TE stick… It’s essentially a sub-variant of the R2 stick.