Size of START/SELECT on SF Anniversary stick

I need to know the size of the start select buttons on the sf anniversary stick. in mm’s

yes im a retard and yes ive searched

Damn. You’re not even an 09.

Apparently you didn’t search in the right forum.

Yes…you are a retard, but no, you did’t search.
Now go to the Tech Talk forum.

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24mm Sanwa snap-ins are what you want. Screw-ins aren’t long enough for the nut to screw on.

I know that dumb threads are becoming the norm, but honestly this wasn’t so bad. Better than “Hai guys? Is the TE stick good for SF?”

Mod that badboy and toss in some IL/Happ buttons instead!

yeah thanks

Fu q

I originally signed up in 05 but i forgot my password… oh well…

umm no, but thanks for the tip… I asked how big are the holes cause I dont feel like modding them

i think by mod, he means “swap the crappy stock buttons for iL/happ buttons”

also probably the joystick.

and yeah, 24 mm anything will fit, if you get threaded buttons, you’ll just have to get some hot glue on the bottom to hold em in place since, like said, they arent long

I am doing a full HAPP mod. just I don’t want to use the start/select buttons the stick came with cause they are uglier then balls on a troll. So I am just going with the 24mm’s