Sj neutral fierce LINK combo

This board has been really lacking these days…so I’ll post a new trick. You can LINK a jab or short after a sj neutral fierce without an airdash. You just have to be at a ‘certain height and level’ as your opponent, so the lag time ends before you and him hit the ground. Examples…

-launch, lk, up+hk x AD fwd (crossup reset), [[neutral hp, (while falling), lp, (IM hits ground), infinite]]

-commando AAA, chase opponent with sj up+hp, airdash neutral hp repeat brackets

-catch a runaway storm with sj. up+hp, airdash neutral hp ****

The combo is very situational but if you get the timing down, I’m sure it’ll expand your air game and create new infinite possibilites.

Note: you can tweak the combo a bit. The important thing is just the link timing. Like in some situations, instead of jab…you can do 'falling short, up+fierce, land, infinite*. Play around around with it.

yeah, SO much hitstun on that, I figured you could do something like this, but as shown, very stiuational. certain height, and of course no more than 1 hit beforehand (flying screen)

likely to be used? eh…

It is very situational, I wouldn’t use if I had unfly mode. But then again, you don’t see much IM players catching infs to PC from SJ height without a unfly mode or launchers.

pretty cool. jim and tony aka iron people gettin new tricks all the time

aside from messing around with sonson assist to get this

this past weekend I was playing and hit my opponent’s sentinel, sorta low to the ground, with lp, n+hp as I was falling. landed, and then comboed into a launch. he was so low too, didn’t think it would hit (the launch).

pretty funny. killed the sent with an a2g from the launch, but didn’t matter to him and was still typical Ironman jank-ness lol