Sjc into ultra wiff

Is there a list somewhere over which characters Fierce feint sjc ultra wiffs on? Can’t find it.

from what i remember doing this a bit its big characters(honda, abel, probably hakan)

No reason to really do that combo for anything but style purposes tho imo

I know it hits on Ryu too. I just find it an easier way to land midscreen ultra. Meterless cancel fails me alot, so does sjc ultra. And I miss the alot if I go for the ultra. Throws my timing on the link off and ends up blocked.

The thing is, you will only do this in a pure punish situation. You might as well raw ultra or fierce sjc ultra if you absolutely can’t do anything else

It can be a hit confirm after a reset or mixup.

Why would you risk doing that anyway just raw ultra or hp, tk feint, ultra if your looking to punish something. If your trying to hit confirm as u said just do,, sjc ultra or her bnb into sjc ultra. No reason to do that combo which you can easily drop and risk ultra whiffing which will cost you the match.

lololol cr.hp x hp tk feint ~ ultra IS a hitconfirm

classic frame trap situation >> meaty jump hk, whats that? they’re blocking? better try a FT, cr.hp x feint buffer u1 > confirm 3p press

also ambiguous jump in hk, cr.hp feint u1 hitconfirm if you have no meter for ex seismo sjc dash u1 especially use this if it will kill

step it ^