SJC standing cl. rh

I know that no one reads these anymore, but hopefully someone can answer this:

I was practicing chun’s cl.rh sjc xx saii, trying both tiger knee motion and 450 methods; that is, ‘cl.rh, QCF, UF, QCF, kicks’, and ‘cl.rh, ccw 360 starting from D, QCF, kicks’. It seemed that when I missed and didn’t press kicks in time, for the 1st method, i would cancel the rh into a superjump forward, while for the 2nd, I would superjump back.

Why would the game register the 2nd method as a superjump back? Don’t I “hit” UF first in the motion?

Also, after some more testing, both methods work nicely (for me), and the SJ directions also seem to be consistent; is there any practical reason to SJC back as opposed to forward if rh gets blocked? I was thinking that near the corner, SJC forward could -> walljump, but SJC back could be safer?

Sorry if this was addressed in older threads.

depends on which frames the sj is activated.

i think

It’s probably the timing; you might have either spun the stick a little too fast, or tried the SJC too early.

You have plenty of time to hit-confirm it since it can be SJCed pretty late, I’m assuming about as much as her cr.MK. Thus, you can also normally SJ back on reaction if it gets blocked.

or you can be a weirdo like me and just hit the superjump and then do the motion incredibly fast.
tiger knee works for me too. just keep at it.

and while you are at it you can do some pretty neat things with that hk, espec concerning anti air. stomp, st hk, hk cross super, hp reset, hk legs upon landing.

I’ll be happy when oe comes out. also… when freakin ggpo stops bieng sick.

down , up , qcf kick works for me.