SJC ultra 2 problems

Does anyone know the timing of her SJC ultra 2?
I’ve been having trouble doing it in the training room.

I do lp mp (second hit of mp qcf) hp qcf all kicks
but it does not work.

:lp: :mp: :qcf: :uf: :hp: :qcf: :3k:

If that’s not helping, practice :lk::qcf::uf::mk::qcf::3k:

That’s how I do it.

I end with the Up-Right direction as soon as I press the kicks. I actually SJC every single move I do regardless of it working or not.

if you struggling learning it you could start of by using to practice with i.e : 236 2369 then just adjust your timing, if you dash or jump your to slow and if you get ex kazegiri your doing it too quick. try it out and get the rythm down…
when you feel like you can do that whenever move on to what izuna posted, or combo the into u2: cr.lp/lk cr.lp st.lp sjc U2

i was just about to post the same question now i can go back to training with a goal thank you thank you

i have issues applying this outside of training mode :confused: i can do it in training mode :confused: but in a match i can never land it :confused: any advice for this, also when im in training mode trying this i never do the sj first i allways seem to end with it, is this a bad habbit and i should try and land the SJ first then the qcf KKK? or is this still just as good? one last thing i can only seem to do the SJC ultra if i am on the right side of the screen (doing the notations to the left side) :slight_smile: thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The same suggestion I give to all execution-related problems: keep practicing until you can do it without even thinking about it. Eventually, doing SJC U2 should be just as second nature as doing a fireball.

It’s a good habit. Ending with the SJC U2 input means you can apply the same technique to non-target combo setups, such as raw cr.MP xx SJC U2.

Practice more on the left side.