SJGL Fall Battle 05 Results

SJGL Fall Battle 05 Results

of players - 28


Winner’s Semi’s

Ricky vs. Leezy - Winner: Ricky (2-1)
Phil vs. Bhushan - Winner: Bhushan (2-1)

Winner’s Finals

Ricky vs. Bhushan - Winner: Ricky (2-0)
Loser’s Semis**

Leezy vs. Phil - Winner: Leezy (2-0)

Loser’s Finals

Leezy vs. Bhushan - Winner: Bhushan (2-1)


Ricky vs. Bhushan - Winner: Ricky (2-0)

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Bhushan (Moment of Truth)
  3. Eric Lee (Leezy)
  4. Phil
  5. Will (Wildow)
  6. Chey
  7. Tyler (Tyram)
  8. Robert (Black Rob)

Thanks everyone that attended the tournament.

He’s seriously known as “Black Rob?” Jeebus…I would’ve stuck with token thief…'cause you know he still does that.

who won marvel?

MVC2 Result (12 Entries)

1st Chunksta (MSS,Storm,Sent,Clyclops)
2nd Ricky Ortiz (MSP,Santhrax,Storm,Cable,Cammando)
3rd Neezy (Santhrax)
4th Tinh Ngo (Santhrax)
5th Kyle Nishijima (Strider,Sent,Doom,Scrub other random team =])
5th Anthony Nguyen (<MY NIGGA Ant hah =] MSS,Magento,Sent,Cammando)

Winner Semi Chunk vs Leezy (2-1)
Loser Semi Tinh Vs Ricky (1-2)
Loser Final Ricky Vs Anthony (Ricky)
Winner Final Chunk Vs Ricky (Chunk

Not to be rude or anything, but Leezy didin’t enter marvel. It was AnthonEEEzy aka nEEEzy lolz. Just correcting you =]. So AnthonEEEzy got 3rd place. He was murkin’ fools with that santhrax of his:wow: Props to everyone who placed, and thanks for hosting the tournament Anthony N. =]. It’s all good if it took so long. Now we know, that next time, it’ll be for sures your rules =]! Peace.


when is ncr?

28 people! I love the competition here, hopefully I can do better next tournament.
Who was that guy using N-groove Blanka? I learned a lot from losing so badly to you; I will be prepared next time…

good shit to the homie, CHUUUUUUUUUUUUNKSTA! nEEEzy should of played MSP. for reallys. dude is hard as fuck with that team.

sorry, i couldin’t make it out. work owns my life.

Big props to anthony(magnus02) for running everythin despite the mixed opinions. Most people dont understand you changed it to RR because you just wanted what the players requested, although we cant satisfy everyone at least you tried.

I played msp for some matches. Although, for those they let stay in the arcade for my last game, they’ll tell ya what place i really got.

Korngo’s msp is nicest

SF2 CE results:

1st Ricky Ortiz (bison, ryu) 2-1

2nd Bradford McDermott (Guile) 1-2

3rd Jarrod McDermott (Bison

what chars/grooves were used for cvs2? who is bhushan? leezy’s av is that real shit.

Ricky used N-Blanka, Chun, Sagat / A-Vega, Sak, Bison

Bhushan is this insanely large Indian dude that picks on little Asians with iPods like myself. Ricky’s only half Asian, so he left him alone. C-Ken, Chun, Eagle, Sagat

My avatar is teh realness. Keith is really a pussy who eats fruit at K bars 'cause he can’t drink.

Fuck I wish I coulda gone, I woulda schooled Ricky’s N-groove!

Bushan is on another level though. Good shit dog! Gotta beat Ricky next time.

Team A - Ken/Chun/Sagat - 2
Team B - Eagle/Cammy/Sagat - 2

you can’t ask that question… that’s like public enemy annoying post tourney question #1

ps: leezy is a hoe

:wow: wha??? i took 4th??? :tup: :clap: yeah 4 me!!! when is the next big tourny event comin up in the 408 area code or sumwhere close by can sumone pls get back at me bout that!!!

what was 'CE played on?

i might be throwin’ one in a couple weeks at svgl. but don’t count on it having as much entrys as this one. =]

Phil, post in the Pac North thread when you are heading down to GL. I’ll meet you down there.:karate:

came all the way from ‘stockton’ to play in sj… sj’s got great comp!