SJGL Summer Battle 06 Satruday, June 17th

SJGL Summer Battle 06

Games include…

CVS2 (double elim)
SFIII: 3rd Strike (double elim)

Sign ups will start at 6:00pm and end at 7:20pm

Tournament starts at 7:30pm.

If anyone wants to host MVC2, T5, let me know and I can add those games to the list in the tourney.

$5 to enter per each game

Winners split pot 70/20/10 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Free Slice of Pizza for everyone that enters the tournament(um…sorry can’t have 2 slices for entering both games!)

Free beer courtesy of Albert (subject to change without notice)

San Jose Golfland
976 Blossom Hills Rd.
San Jose, CA 95123

Hope to see you there :nunchuck:

Will you give us free gas too??

I will try to make this.

free gas? lol. Maybe Art can hook you up with that.

bout time theres a tourny in the area… oh well… guess i have to request that day off work :slight_smile:

That’s right Phil-dow. SJGL needs some P groove action. Been practicing? If not, I’m taking 1st place…again…

bhushan and i usually have a late night hate hour of shit talkin back and fourth, this one happend a little early.

anthonEEEzy (3:44:24 PM): so you gonna crush me or what
Amethyst Locke (3:44:31 PM): haha
Amethyst Locke (3:44:34 PM): I’ll crush you with 1 character bro
Amethyst Locke (3:44:44 PM): not my fault if it’s ratio 4
Amethyst Locke (3:44:45 PM): :smiley:
anthonEEEzy (3:44:51 PM): i’ll still take that bet
Amethyst Locke (3:44:53 PM): LOL
anthonEEEzy (3:44:59 PM): cuz its bhushan i’m playin against lol

Amethyst Locke (3:45:03 PM): riight
Amethyst Locke (3:45:13 PM): the man that constantly wins tourney
Amethyst Locke (3:45:15 PM): left
Amethyst Locke (3:45:16 PM): and
Amethyst Locke (3:45:17 PM): right
Amethyst Locke (3:45:19 PM): this is gonna be in the record books
anthonEEEzy (3:45:50 PM): yea, by me givin you an amazing loss
anthonEEEzy (3:46:04 PM): be ready to make history
Amethyst Locke (3:46:11 PM): argh

bhushan already callin out his “4th world title” (i dont remember 1-3 but its ok) on top of that beating me.

i took out your man art, now its your turn. i’ll be at this tourny but hella late since my job is like 3 mins away. you better not be in the losers bracket when i get there “CHAMP” LOLOL

Bison ftw!

Random made up ass AIM logs

i dont need to practice sumthing i’ve mastered…yea thats right mastered p-groove… and i dought u will beat me again… got sum tricks fo yo ass!!! but u can think ur takin first again. and how are you going to say ur takin first… i thought u retired for a year???

Yup, I retired for the year…It felt like it was a year, so I came back.:smokin: Besides who’s gonna throw tourneys at SJGL if I’m not there? Hugo?

bhushans game lookin really solid now, he owned me yesterday bad =/

if he lands all his random uppercuts, crossovers, roll short short supers like he did on me, hes got no problem winning…lolol

empire bhushan…guys serious <3

This sounds good. I’m planning a trip to nor cal anyways…but i will see if i can make it.

Bhushan, shut up. =D


i’ll host mvc2 if people show up. like 8 at least


Sounds good. Good luck getting 3. :rofl:

I’ll be there, and uh, Geese is coming with me :wtf:

soo will there be more of these tournys this summer since your back bhushan ??? and why isn’t there tournys were the winner takes all… instead of that 70/20/10 crap???its jus a question that i had…

Cause and effect…(IMO)

If winner takes all tourney…it means less participates= less comp

more payouts = more participates = more comp

So how do you feel if you came in 2nd place in a winner takes all tourney? :sad:

IMO, tournaments are a good way for players to come to have fun and support the community. Trade tactics, strats, make new friends, and learn something. I think what you get out tournies are greater than winning the tourney :china:.

What a cheeseball…:rolleyes: