SJSU 3-20 Results


MvC2 (13 peeps)

  1. Ricky O.
  2. Steven G.
  3. Anthony L.
  4. Kim-Hanh H.

CvS2 (27 peeps i think)

  1. Ricky O.
  2. Campbell T.
  3. Kim-Hanh H.

3S (12 peeps)

  1. Ricky O
  2. Campbell T.
  3. Daniel T.

Dunno about the other games, but im sure someone will post them up shortly. Not a great turnout, but im sure its because spring break is upon us this time of the year.


What were the teams/characters/grooves used??


yea, what teams were used in cvs2?


I was running cvs for the most part and there was some confusion with the brackets early on and i apologize for the people whose matches got switched/replayed (charlie/nelson/josh/david/phuc)
the brackets were already messed up when I got them, but i guess i shoulda checked to make sure stuff was correct
whatever though, i dunno why i was running cvs anyway

ricky - k-cbs, and i think a-vega/sak/blanka
camp - n-iori/morrigan/hibiki
kim - c-sagat/rol/blanka

basically the same teams they use at every other tourney…


good shit to everyone who placed in mvc2 :cool: u guys are lucky that anthony stopped playing santhrax or else he would kick ass:eek: :evil: :smiley: anyway, good job anthony, steven, and kim:cool:

i wish i went:( the party rocked tho:D :cool: when will there be another SJSU tournament?:evil: :smiley:


I think the nEEEzy did use Santhrax in the tourney, but he was playing around allkinds before tourneys with like MSP and other MS teams, that he forgot how to play his real team. =(

But Steven = My ho and I’m the pimp. =] Nahh, just playin’ though, Steven. Good shit, man. You know I give you mad props already batch. =]


I was gonna make the cvs2 brackets… but I had to start mvc2, so all i did was seed the top 5 or 6 players and i told phuc or whoever that was gonna fill out the rest of the brackets to just randomly put people in the missing spots… dunno what the confusion was about, but if someone brought it to my attention i coulda fixed it… anyways, next tourney might not happen till next semester which means a long long time… but yeah maybe we can do one in april… sbo2 fundraiser maybe??


Brackets messed up??what you mean by that?