- = - SJSU Arcade Tournament - Feb 12th - = -

DATE: Saturday, Feb 12th.
(Yes, I am actually giving an early notice this time.)

TIME: Sign-ups starts from 12:00 to 2:00 PM.
Tournament starts at 2:30 PM.

LOCATION: Student Union Bowling Center
(at San Jose State University)

GAMES: (tentative list) [LIST]
[] Capcom Fighting Jam
] Capcom vs SNK 2
[] Marvel vs Capcom 2
] Soul Calibur 2
[] Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
] Tekken 5
Tekken Tag Team

ENTRY FEE: $5 per game. “Free Play!” :clap:

PRIZE: 70-20-10

Disclaimer: info is subject to change…

For more info, please visit:

about the “tentative” game list. the manager of our arcade doesn’t want us to run as many games this time, so we will probably only be hosting 6 games for the next tourney, instead of our usual of 7 games. i need you guys to rank our games in order, from “must have” to “no need”. here is our games:

[] Capcom Fighting Jam
] Capcom VS SNK 2
[] Guilty Gear X2: Reloaded (unlikely we’ll get it in time.)
] King of Fighter 2003
[] Marvel VS Capcom 2
] Soul Calibur 2
[] Street Fighter Anneversary Edition
] Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
[] Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
] Tekken 5 (should get it by Feb 12th)
[*] Tekken Tag Tournament

whatever is ranked 8 or lower will definately not be included. whatever is ranked 7 is a big maybe. #6 will most likely be included.

and one more thing: i really want to bring SJSU back to it’s former glory, so if there’s anything that you guys need or want, don’t hesitate to ask. i will make a good effort to accomodate you however i can.

I’ll try to come. :tup: :karate:


I’ll be there probably. Maybe I can get some other 707 players to go as well.

7.Capcom Fighting Jam
1.Capcom VS SNK 2
6.Guilty Gear X2: Reloaded
5.Marvel VS Capcom 2
3.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
2.Tekken 5 (should get it by Feb 12th)
4.Street Fighter Anneversary Edition

I’ll play 4 of these, not sure which ones yet.

good news. the manager will be ok with us hosting 7 games.

Street fighter aniversary should be the 7th game. :tup:

i heard that nobody is playing SC2 anymore. is that true? if so, then i guess we can bump SC2 for SF:AE.

i have a friend with a digital camera and i may be able to borrow a camcorder too. i can record 3S & maybe CvS2 also. or would you guys prefer CFJ or T5?

can anyone help host some games?

i’m doing 3S strike.

I may be able to come to this toruney if I do what games do you want me to run cvs2, kof2k3, or T5.

we won’t be hosting kof, so u can have ur choice of cvs2 or t5.

cvs2 i guess.


btw, i will be able to borrow a camcorder from my digital video class, however, my friend with the digital camera may not be able to come, so we may only have 1 camera available for all 7 games.

Hm… I guess T5 since cvs2 was just takin.

you want me to create my own bracket for T5 or do you already have one made out?

I can run marvel if I’m there. I just need brackets an’ stuff. =/

u’re talking about just an empty bracket, right?
i’ll have them printed out for you.

good shit. =]!

Who’s running the brackets for CFJ and Aniversary Edition?

Mr.happyface, if you like I’ll run a bracket for one of those games> However, I do need someone to review with me on how to run a bracket again(it’s been like almost 4 years since the last time I ran one, so my memory is a little rusty).

Whos going for AE? It would be nice if we could actually get 8 players. Maybe I could actually win if I wasn’t so rusty. I’m really on the fence for this tourney, because theres so many happening in less than a month.

the manager will only allow us to run 7 games. if u guys really want AE, then we would have to bump off another game? do u guys wanna bump off SC2?

i could give u a crash course, but i would need u to come early. i gotta start filling out the brackets immediately at 2:00 sharp. we always end up starting late, so i would really like to start on time for once.