SJSU Bowling Center [GGAC] [03-14-09]

New year, new season. Everyone starts with a clean slate and points for this season will be tracked until June.

No banned characters (EX, Gold, Black, Kliff, Justice, etc.)
$5 entry, for 70% more hype
Pot split 70/20/10
Will be played on PS2, though cabinet matches are fine if you want to pay to play.
1 v 1
Double Elimination
Best of 3 matches
Grand Finals are also best of 3, because best of 5 takes forever

Saturday, March 14th
SJSU Bowling Center (you can’t miss the TV’s and PS2’s on the far side of the room)
Starts at 2PM
Ends at whenever

See you all there.

Time to dust off the ol’ Furaiken one more time I guess.

:lol: wait no banned characters? :sad::confused: I don’t understand aren’t those characters hecka cheap or broken or something?