SJSU March 1st Results


Here are the results of March 1st.
Prize Pot has been changed to 70-20-10.
3S was a reg singles tourney.

Capcom vs SNK 2
[]John Choi - C - Cammy, Chun-Li, Sagat
]Jason Nelson - K - Eagle, Blanka, Sagat
[*]Kim Hahn - K - Vega, Blanka, Sagat

Marvel vs Capcom 2
[]Randy Lew - Sentinel, Capt. Commando, Storm
]Mikey R - Sentinel, Capt. Commando, Cable
[*]Steve Yoo - Sentinel, Capt. Commando, Storm

3rd Strike
[]John Choi - Ken
]Victor Ho - Ken
[*]Wei-Lii Tan - Ken

Guilty Gear XX
[]Eric Choi - Baiken
]Ben Cureton - Sol-Badguy, Slayer, Chipp, Potemkin, Venom, Eddie.
[*]Rick Imperial - Sol-Badguy

**Soul Calibur 2 **
[]Halister “G” - Taki
]JC Alegre (knockturnl) - Ivy
[*]Dan “Spider-Dan” Thompson - Astaroth

Tekken 4
[]Bronson Tran - Jin, Steve, Julia
]Som Keophiphat - Jin, Nina, Law
[*]Steven Johnson - Christie

Tekken Tag Team
[]Bronson Tran - ?
]Andy Lam - ?
[*]Som Keophiphat - ?


Soul Calibur 2 results are same as 3S =X

  1. Halister “G” - Taki
  2. Some Ivy player
  3. ?



no, the results has not been entered into APEX yet. and sorry for starting the tourney so late. we assume that all of the people who hosted last time would be here to host again, so we had to go around looking for volunteers. plus we had some problems with the prize pot (missing $). that is also why i had someone else host 3S for me. i was too busy running around, trying to find the missing $, but don’t worry, i fixed that so all of the winners should have their money now.


oops, didn’t notice that!
[cut & paste]


I used Sol, Slayer, Chipp, Potemkin, Venom, Eddie. I didn’t use Eddie in the finals (Venom / Slayer), and used Sol more than any character overall.




  1. Dan “Spider-Dan” Thompson - Astaroth



  1. G - Taki
  2. JC Alegre (knockturnl) - Ivy
  3. me - Astaroth


wow, look at those marvel results! The variety of characters used. Oh man. And those third strike results, too good! Hohum, I hope Eric Choi comes to the tourny on the 15th. Looks like ggxx is on the come up up there!

Chaotic Blue


yea, thanX 4 the corrections everyone. and as usual…
if you know how our tourney can be improved,
we’re always open to suggestions.


how many people entered each tourny??

damn that duK steve yoO, next tourny your dUks r banned =P


i am like having trouble with the APEX thingie now,
so it might take a while before u people get ur points.
and no, web site has not been updated yet.


Kim Haun nice job taking 3rd…


P.S-I woulda came…but I seem to lean toward asian women more than two tourneys a week…lol:lol:




what happened jerry?

  1. Didnt start on time (4pm instead of 230 or 3) not that i got there on time, but common 4?
  2. Losers bracket resulted in 1 game not 2/3
  3. Brackets were wack.

I mean I like SJSU tourneys the best cause the turnouts are good and it isnt limited from being a full tourney. None of that one game stuff or $3 entry fee, its a tourney just like the others. But this time…great turn out just poorly ran.

Sorry, just my opinion


yea, sorry about that. we were understaffed and we also made a lot of asumptions that we shouldn’t. we’ll be more prepared next time.

and if anyone here didn’t like the way the bracket for 3S was made, send ur angry e-mails to this guy:

it is his fault.


I agree with jerry, the 3s tourney wasnt on par to what i had expected of it. Main reason was because it started real late and the losers bracket was only 1 match your out format. Anways, congrats to J. Choi and Victor (PANDABEAR) and Wei for taking top 3 honors at 3s. Peace out!


a couple of guys recommended that we do best 1 of 1 for the loser’s bracket, since we were starting so late. the suggestion sounded reasonable, so i assumed that everyone would prefer to go home in time for dinner, rather then play 3S until midnight. if u 3S’ers would prefer to play until midnight, i’ll keep a mental note of that if we ever start that late again.


Can we get non lopsided GGXX brackets next time?

Oh, and missing an entire section in the bracket is a no no.



i believe eLectriK is the handle of the guy who hosted that tourney,
that was his 1st time hosting, but i had someone supervise him.
yea, we were really understaff and had to go around begging for volunteers.
some had hosting experience, some had not.