SJSU Results, 4/19


  1. John Choi – C-Guile, Chun, Sagat
  2. Ricky Ortiz – K-Blanka, Cammy, Sagat; A-Mai, Vega, Cammy
  3. Simon Luong (naps) – C-Sagat, Ryu, Cammy


  1. Randy Lew
  2. Ricky Ortiz
  3. Michael Rasphone

Sorry, characters pending


  1. Eric Choi – Baiken
  2. Ken Tran – Johnny
  3. Steve Yoo – Eddy

SF3: 3S

  1. Ricky Ortiz – Chun Li
  2. John Choi – Ken
  3. Campbell Tran (Buktooth) – Chun Li

Soul Calibur 2

  1. Srayer – Kilik, Nightmare
  2. Knockturnl – Talim, Xianghua, Ivy
  3. Halister – Taki, Cervantes, Xianghua, Maxi

Tekken 4

  1. Som K
  2. Tony (?)
  3. Joe Q.

Tekken Tag – results pending. HappyFace was reading them to me over the phone and he had to bail.

GGXX will be in APEX after he gets back from work.

WHAAAAT. Choi beat Rickee in CvS2 thats crazy:eek:

good tourney and tough players

man inkblot was beasting. taking out mikey and buk. good shit man thumbs up

Oh… I was looking at the results and was wondering what the hell happened…GJ inkblot

was inkblot the one whos hondo just went on rampage?
if so that shit was sick
damn xaero that shoulda been your baiken

linking apex to my nick.

so it doesn’t really matter because I only ranked 13th in the tournament, but how can the apex points in 3s relate to my nick and not just my real name. who can i email about tweaking apex user account information?

currently, the apex points are assigned to ‘Simon Robertson’, but not my ‘sim0n’ nick. shouldn’t there be an ‘SRK alias’ field on all tourney sign-up sheets?

linking apex to my nick.

ggxx turney was pretty fun, even though i did shitty. dont worry, my axl will be ready next time! thanks to xaero for running the thing and making it go kinda fast. nice meeting and talking to the sjsu peeps, too.

my fave moment was during ise vs. inkblot. ise looked kinda lost against ink’s bridget, so i tried to give ise a tip in between rounds, and ink yells “TRAITOR!” LoL, Ink still won though, i think, so much for my coaching.

now i’m gonna kick myself some more for not using anji.

Actually, if I remember correctly Inkblot lost that game. So you are a traitor and a good coach.

Steve ended up taking third place. Good job Steve. And, of course, congratulations to Ken and Eric for placing top 2.

Just talking to the SJSU people helped me learn a lot. Trouble is, a lot of the things I want to try out with May don’t work on the PS2 version. Stupid modified air dust.

Good tournament you guys. Hopefully you can all come to the Berkeley tourney next week.

oh yah, i remember now. but i didn’t see steve using my tip in that 3rd round against ink, so my coaching didn’t help at all. i just suggested to steve that while bridget’s flying way over his head to get away from eddie, he might try eddie’s qcf S to uppercut the flying kid.

besides, i don’t really know how to beat bridget, other than hit the kid a couple times really hard so that he dies. one reason why i’m trying to learn axl now, fight range with range.

ttt results are 1st.joeking 2nd.ieatkittys 3rd.hareilay.

good tourn. fellas halla at when the next one comes around.till then back to the dojo.

have you tried the instant overhead FD cancel thing with may, its hard at first but vital to get down

Since Ricky got 2nd in MvC2 and CvS2 did he pay back Tom Cannon any of his winnings???
If he didn’t, i would have just taken it from him.

yea they took his money

The what? May has an instant overhead?

And if something is hard at first then I probably haven’t mastered it yet. I’m still learning the GGXX system and my basic game isn’t really mastered yet…

Still, I feel I’m getting more and more solid with each ass-whooping Eric Choi and everyone else keeps handing me. Eventually I’ll breaking into FRCs and stuff like that hardcore.

But if May’s got an instant overhead, I’d like to know about it.

Oh, and it’s good that Ricky’s finally paying off his debts.

ya i feel you on that scamp its like every time i get my ass whooped i look at it like a learnning situation(i was the guy playing faust)
anyways-the overhead isnt exactly instant its like a universal overhead in third strike(really quick).All you do is when you dont have a burst tap dust rite when you jump then fautless defense the first couple of frames(back+2 attack buttons)and through out an attack,then violla overhead!i dont play may so i dont know if she has any jump cancelabe moves,but it works really well when you jump cancel a low attack into the overhead,gets really annoying especially agaisnt characters without shoryukens.
Baiken has the same thing to but eiser and not as effective

sorry for the delay, but i FINALLY got around to adding the GGXX results into APEX.

oh… so THAT’S why the Cannon brothers came.
aw… and i thought our tourneys were gaining popularity.