- = - SJSU Tourney - March 20 - = -


DATE: Saturday, March 20th.

TIME: Sign-ups starts from 12:00 to 2:00 PM.
Tournament starts at 2:30 PM.

NOTE: Please come early this time. We will no longer wait for late arrivals.
The tournament will start with or without you. Late sign-ups may be relegated directly
to the loser’s bracket if too much of the tournament has already progressed.

LOCATION: Student Union Bowling Center
at San Jose State University

[]Capcom vs SNK 2
]Guilty Gear XX
[]Marvel vs Capcom 2
]Samurai Showdown V
[]Soul Calibur 2
]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
[*]Tekken Tag Team

ENTRY FEE: $5 per game. Free Play!

PRIZE: 70-20-10

For more info, please visit: http://www.geocities.com/UtopianImp/Tournament/


Is this SJSU’s first tournament of the year? You guys should hold them more often.


HELL YEAH!!:lol: i’ll be there!!:cool:


wow, the word on the street spread fast.

yea… well, just me and zakk are doing all of the planning. i’m sure we would get things done a lot quicker if more people would chip in and help. hell… we’ll be lucky if we can even find enough people to host all the games.


SJSU tournies…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


is there anything wrong with them?
i just heard about it today and was thinkin of goin…
stop beasting on me danny


go SJSU!!!


SJSU tournies are fun. They have decent turnouts, and the last time i was there, the CVS2 machine was pulled out into the less crowded room.:slight_smile:


yeah, i like sjsu tourneys…

too bad i’ll miss it. spring break = so cal. ^^

have fun yall. and come support berkeley tourney in april!



i’ll be there to do some top-recording i guess…
it’s been a while since i’ve been to a bigger tourney


yup, SJSU has the best tournies, but Berkeley has weekly turnouts but both are equally horrible for finding parking spaces, and I do believe Berkeley beats us by having more homeless bums roaming the campus.

rah rah, go spartans, whatever we suck in sports, thats why we have arcade tournies way more competitive than our collegiate sports, hehehehehehe.




Van your driving…enough said.



btw, the 3S monitor is kinda glitchy. if u hit the control panel too hard, the monitor will shrink horizontally. hit it again and the monitors flashes back to normal. i already told the manager about this. he said he’ll try to get it fixed before the tourney.


Hey all.

Me and my crew member are coming down for NCR2 and SBO2 quals…we were wondering if anyone could give us some housing/pick us up at the airport? im from cali (long beach) but Jose is a little unfamiliar to me? can any one hook us up?

btw…is there a san jose thread? i guess i could ask there.


uh… there’s like a Motel 6 somewhat near the SJSU campus.
will u be joining our tournament too?


tourney web site has finally been updated.


Sign me up


3S machine is out now.



3s cabinet is broken?

damn damn. i was going to go.