SJW fail thread


Prof complains about 'masculinization of mathematics

so now we gotta make more women want to want to go into math, even though there are already plenty of women in math.

btw sjws, you shouldn’t expect a platform to defend yourself. this is our safe space.


reads thread title please lets not



Stop giving those people attention and they go away.


And yet here you are…


Don’t compare me to those scrubs. I don’t require an audience to survive.


Because that has worked those past years :rofl:


Yes you do you fucking liar. 99% of your gimmick is trying to “open everyone’s eyes to the sins of the gaming industry” and then taking any possible reason to say I told you so even when it doesn’t make sense.




This is now the hate on @“po pimpus” thread.

Po sucks at every game he plays.


I damn sure do. Ask @locoghoul


@"po pimpus"
This is the kind of shit that happens when you have idiocy to run unchecked


I did. He says you are ass.


OP, direct your eyes here


That time when an MTG player calling his deck bugs and thugs got in trouble because his “thug” (Card art depicted as a white skinhead) was a black card.

That time when Wizards of the Coast tried to get us to call manlands creature lands.

Those times when anyone takes gender and political side flipped Jack Thompson seriously.

Those times when the scrubs at funimation rewrite characters lines making them sound like fucking tumblr posters because pushing an agenda is more important to them then giving paying customers an accurate translation.


Shut the fuck up.





wtf happened to my nice thread???////////


reading those tweets^ :anguished: