SJW fail thread


what other white nationalist protests?

i agree.

would you rather them keep their ideas hidden in the dark and unchallenged or out in the open and discussed?

it’s a good first step to enlightenment, imo.

antifa wasn’t there? i thought they were (i pulled a 13 hour shift during that protest). who was throwing rocks at people? i legitimately don’t know what was going on. you got a link?


From the homeland, SJW academics say women being fit and attractive is bad.

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Relevant to thread:


LMFAO!!! Look at those two chicks behind her. Looking like they’re gonna shank a bitch. I would love to ask those feminists,“Would it be a problem if guys were staring at the fat chicks?” :rofl: As always, they’re all for women’s rights, but only as long as they do what their feminist masters say.



Dr. Janet Albrechsten calls modern day feminists “grievance warriors,” and states that “feminism has been corrupted by deep sense of anti western self loathing.”


or anti-immigrant groups like FAIR convincing these gullible, rural municipalities to enact anti-immigrant legislation which get bogged down in long, expensive litigation and getting a come up from those huge billable hours from taxpayer dollars. so, while these people are cheering. they are getting their pockets picked clean. lol.

it’s been going on in varying degrees and outcomes since municipalities have started to remove confederate monuments. it’s a thing now just like the Lost Cause of the Confederacy is still a thing.



Jesus Fucking Christ. I never heard of, much less read, this Daily Stormer website, but this is one of the most disgraceful things I’ve ever seen.

And as if they couldn’t make me even more mad, I see them using this game in their banner.



Also, these links may not be here long as GoDaddy gave them 24 hours to find a new domain provider because of one / both of these.



I’m waiting to here the chorus of stupidity chime in at any moment.



It really is due to lack of education and ignorance. It’s probably safe to say that a majority of rural, white communities in the Midwest and South don’t interact with minorities very much, much less even interacted with one at all. Then you get figureheads preaching that America is under attack by immigrants/minorities or some other type of ignorant shit and since they don’t know any better, it’s like gospel to them. Same type of shit for Alex Jones and people of his ilk. But nah, clearly this is all backlash to SJWs.


Anybody else not surprised the dude is from Arizona?



I think not interacting with people different from you is the major force that is driving all this. Coastal/urban liberals can be really insular, even among other left leaning types. I’ve seen (lefty) people on my facebook actually publicly commit themselves to less discussion and less exposure to people of opposing viewpoints, which is so absurd I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Advocating unprovoked violence has been a popular meme for months among many far left activists.




I saw you on some video about 3S.

Why didn’t you tell everybody that GD was da Best?




i found this video explaining what was going on. is this accurate?


Faith Goldy was in the crowd when the car started running people down.


The right do the same shit. There’s just as many right echo chambers as there are left. If people want to bring up “The left started it!” (whether it’s true or not), then we’ve reached grade school level finger pointing.


[quote=“Shaft_Agent, post:231, topic:183350”]

i found this video explaining what was going on. is this accurate?


Judging by the thumbnail, definitely no.


cool. i wish i was that confident in my beliefs.


More experience than confidence. It’s like knowing someone is trying to sell you something 2 seconds into their first sentence.

Also I checked the video title and looked at his other videos, and he looked to be “bullshit hot takes guy”.

But to be honest, I’m not really in a watching-videos-about-Charlottesville kind of mood right now, I’ll watch the video later if you insist.

edit: since I haven’t been checking this thread, (because I hate it)

This is the third one just in Charlottesville. There was one last month, another in May (link). There are KKK rallies that pop up hereand there, as well as “anti-sharia rallies” (wink wink) by groups with dubious histories. Then you’ve got your dipshit alt-right rallies, and your militia guys or roaming skinheads who may show up to any of these. And more famously you’ve got your alt-right/WP conference after Trump’s election win (“Hail Trump” etc), and other such conferences less open to the public.

My point being, these things aren’t hard to come by if you keep an eye out. I can’t say how much they’ve increased in the last year or so, but it seems to be on the uptick.

This is a false premise. Very often these people go out of their way to lie about what their ideas are, because plausible deniability is part of the game (“everyone is just trying to label me a racist! wahh wahh PC culture, waah wahh SJWs”). Obvious White Supremacist Dick Spencer is Obvious White Supremacist now, but he would very often claim he was being “ironic” by doing Hitler salutes and making antisemitic comments. There’s a lot of “I’m not racist”-guys who are constantly doing racist things, including showing up at the Charlottesville rally.

The other problem is, as I cited, that none of this is new. At best, the level of denial is somewhat new; you can easily find people who are clearly racist but don’t seem to know it, because they don’t process racism as a real thing, only as an insult. But even that, I suspect, is fairly mundane. We’ve already had this argument many times (ie. America, the world). It’s the equivalent of someone posting a thread about the same topic over and over.

Also, not everyone is interested in “discussing” it. You’re asking a lot of someone to have to explain that racism is bad to someone who should obviously know better, or to have a civil conversation with an idiot web-racist who thinks they know more than they actually do. Take it over to /r/changemyview or some other space where the other "hey, I’m-just-asking-questions" racists can find people who feel like addressing them. And on the other end, there are a bunch of people with shitty views who are convinced that people who disagree with them all know less instead of more, and are only interested in circle jerks and echo chambers (see: this thread).

Was wrong about this one, antifas were there. As far as I know they didn’t play a major role, but people are using the fact that they were there as evidence that they were causing trouble. Which in the first place is unsubstantiated, and in the second place is a polite distraction from the fact that there were torch-weilding racists and neo-nazis running about. As though we’re meant to believe that the former are uniformly madmen and had outsized influence, whereas the latter group is just peacefully menacing people, but in a technically legal way.