SJWs getting ATE in The Green Inferno

Wanna see SJWs getting ate by cannibals?

Green Inferno tells the story of a group of pampered western clicktivists who travel to the Amazonian rainforest to save an endangered native tribe. The tribe proceeds to open a churrascaria, with annoying Americans top of the menu. Most viewers could figure out that it’s a satire of social justice warriors, but Eli Roth has gone further, explaining to the LA Times precisely who he is satirising and why.

“I wanted to write a movie that was about modern activism,” said Roth. “I see that a lot of people want to care and want to help, but in general I feel like people don’t really want to inconvenience their own lives. The SJW culture has gotten so out of control,” he explained. “Are they doing it just because they believe in it? Or do they just want to look like good people?”

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Trailer :

My thoughts? I’m absolutely delighted!

My thoughts? Horror movies are terrible.

Interesting way for him to make a social commentary tho. Will be interesting to see how he handles the reaction he’s probably going to get. Eli Roth has never struck me s the kind of guy to give a fuck so i think some laughs will be had.

Eli Roth finally found a subject matter I’ll go watch.

I’ll see it twice if @iantothemax is stir fried and @Raz0r is spotted dick.


It was only a matter of time before this happened.

Too many men in powerful positions in Hollywood who don’t like being told what they can’t do. And too many people are getting annoyed with how SJW try to restrict their art.

A few celebrities have actually started talking about how the recent PC culture hurts as much if not more than it helps.

I may actually pay to see this. Gonna troll post parts of this movie ALL OVER Tumblr when it comes out lol.

Looks godlike

Was expecting vid of Anita getting eaten out.


Third-wave feminism is one side of an internet flame war masquerading as a movement. Even the best of them still haven’t toned down the intensity of their crusade to an appropriate level; they’re still in 20’s mode. That’s why their counterparts, the Western equivalents to Boko Haram and Al Shebab who are basically frustrated virgin wannabe militant rapists, have extrapolated their misogyny to a level that counterbalances feminist fake outrage and professional victimhood. Let them both get cannibalized. I hope the entire ‘movement’ gets wrecked by the Bear Jew.

Time to kickstarter that and keep the money, huh

I’ll toss a few bucks at this.

First thing this movie reminded me of is “Cannibal Holocaust.”

All I had to hear was “Green Inferno” and I thought this. Seriously fuck the SJW “counter culture”.

No cannibal’s that desperate. They’d sooner starve.

I don’t get why Social Justice Warriors is used as an insult. Isn’t social justice a good thing?

It’s probably the “warrior” part. None of these people are warriors actively and intelligently fighting together to change things for the better, they are just screaming loudly.

Edit: At least probably none of them, but if they were being intelligent they probably wouldn’t be labeled as an SJW but simply an intelligent person fighting for social justice.

Eeehh I didn’t see a single SJW reference in that trailer. No one of those made a comment about how videogames are too sexist, too few fat people as protagonists, no LGBT in the plot, etc. SJWs are actually perfectly fine with gore and violence (see “why the girl is so thin” game of the year The Last of Us). Unless those references are covered, no reason to watch this thing and Roth is only using this as bait.

I don’t think “social justice warrior” is just referring to game-related things. It’s someone who wants to take action for social injustices but doesn’t really think anything through and just jumps into things ignorantly. There are people that do this for all kinds of things. Heck, PETA and Greenpeace is basically this.

Social justice is a great thing and is responsible for many great causes. These people aren’t that though, they’re a collection of white first world trust fund babies who appropriate the struggles of minorities and bury them under layers of deceit, manipulation and flat out bigotry.

Social justice is a poorly defined feel good term.

Anything can be framed as social justice as long as the one using the term is good at framing the issue in the way he wants.

Taking your money? Because global capitalism is unjust.

Putting you through legal hell because that drunken hook up is now crying rape? Because the patriachy is unjust.

Trying to change comics, sci fi and games for the better? Because they perpetuate unjust cultures that hold up unjust social structures that are the cause of all this injustice in the world.

A lot of the fixation on “social justice” and “equality” in the USA today draws on intellectual foundations that were cultivated by Soviet Russia. The USSR is gone, but a lot of the cultural damage it did to the US remains till today.

Don’t take my word for it- listen to the Soviet agent who job was to facilitate just that:

Is seeing some naive environmentalists getting hacked to bits really the catharsis you guys are after?