Skagit Valley Docking Bay Tournament**update**

If you live in the local Skagit Valley area(WA)or where ever, join us in MT Vernon, at Docking Bay 93 Comics and Arcade, for a monthly fighting game tournament and game night.

-date, probably a thursday- soon to be decided on. what days work the best for you guys?

-games- soon to be decided. sf4 and probably a TvC tourny. mvc2? king of fighters? open for suggestions?

-footage- does anyone have the capability and/or equipment to record matches?

Damn son, how long have you been in Mount Vernon and I STILL haven’t noticed you? Or is this the Docking Bay owner or an employee posting this?

EDIT could it be possible for us to push this to 7PM? I don’t get off work till then LOL

Seriously! Paul and I have been searching for fighting gamers in the area for years!

Anyway, it’d be nice to meet up before the tournament and see how this is going to be organized. Paul and I have a lot of tournament experience, including running them. I’ve had the flyer up at the college for a few days, but hadn’t taken the time to e-mail you yet about the details. I’ll resend this to you along with some questions on the details at the aol address.

HI my name is Logan, Ive grown up in skagit valley most my life. Ive trolled the SRK forums years ago but never signed up for my own account until recently. I am a huge 2D fighting game fan and even made a road trip to Tacoma when the narrow plaza first got SF4 in so I could play it first hand. growing up I used to watch my older brother play fighting games back before the silver coin sucked, staying after hours to unlock the characters on mvc2 when it first came out(new a guy that worked there). I am a member of the ECA ( and go to PAX every year. this year I even plan on going to Vegas and throwing down at EVO2k9. Ive recently started to wire my own joysticks, happ parts of course! sorry I hate ball top.

yea I dont know when exactly the tournament is gonna start thus the 5pmish, I will be there that day way before that getting everything set up and allowing players to get some play in before the tourney. If theres anything else you want to know let me know.

Well, if we can meet up at docking bay sometime in the next two weeks before the tourney, it’d be cool to meet you and chat about the details of it. I’m going to be there for a little bit tonight for D&D, so maybe you can come out and play a few rounds of marvel! Hehe. Were you the one that set the cable/spiral/commando record? Either way, it’s good to see another player in the area.

edit: One of my main concerns before was that it would be a pad only tourney or something, but since you’re getting into stickbuilding yourself, sounds like there’ll be a chance to play at our full potential here! Good to hear.

Holy shit, Mt Vernon guys. I’m so down for this!

yea thats my team on mvc2. id love to play someone who isnt the comp. I might even get a tat of that team soon… I will be there tomorrow(wed) say around 7pm. and as far as the game night goes I am only going to have pads since my current 2 person arcade panel only runs on PC and my ps3 stick wont be completed in time. Ive told other people that they can bring their own sticks if they have them, but I doubt many people do. we are just gonna have to suffer with pads :sad:

if this is something we can get going monthly or even every two weeks or so I would be more inclined to try and construct some more sticks. what kind of joysticks, and buttons do you prefer?

I generally prefer jap sticks and buttons for fighters, with the exception of mvc2.

Anyway, if you need help with the PS3 stick, I can help you get it together faster, and Paul is able to bring his own sticks for PS3. I also have a 360 that I can bring and a custom stick for that for another setup.

A monthly/bimonthly tourney setup would be great if we could get that going, and I’d definitely be willing to help or even run them myself.

So, I guess I’ll swing by docking bay tonight after work and talk about everything else. See ya there!

Edit: Fb.Expunge- Where are you at in bellingham and what do you play? I might be going up there to pick up Justin (gogandantes34 on srk) for the tournament.

I can be anywhere in Bham, I’ve got a car and stuff. I’m up for playing anything really, just looking at getting into the scene. I prefer guilty gear though.

so paul has two sticks for the PS3 that he can bring? well ill just talk to you tonight about the details.

as far as the PS3 stick goes its mainly the box, I can do everything else. I am just not so handy as I used to be with wood and I don’t have the place nor the tools.

and yea I wouldn’t mind having some help in running one of my monthly/bi-monthly fighting game nights.

Don’t ask Jamie on how to build stick boxes unless you want one that will succumb to only one Falcon Punch!

Hey welcome to the NW SF community Logan. That is awesome that you are running an SF4, that area up there is dying for a local spot to compete and meet up at. I am kind of with paul, since it is on a weekday, is there any way you can run the tourney around 7:30/8 to give people time to drive up? I can def make it if you run it later, most of us work so it be very hard to come any earlier. Although, if you choose to run it on a weekend that might work out even better! Let us know how flexible you can be with the time/dates. Look forward to coming up and hanging out (and beating up Kuenai at SF4 muahahah). =)


well i am gonna be there all day with my setup so people who haven’t played much can get a feel for sf4. really i haven’t set a definite time yet for the tourney. so starting around 7-8 is probably gonna happen naturally anyways. i cant run it that weekend as i will be leaving for a road trip to Cali and of course throwing down at ground kontrol when i pass through Portland, but don’t worry if i get enough positive feedback this is something we may be doing every month.

how far from seattle is this?

Good shit for doing this dude, nice to see somebody stepping up and creating interest in the area. I’ll be sure to make it out and support this tourney, or any more that are put together in the future :tup:

An hour north.

MWUAHAHAHA This is the Cole himself declaring defeat at my hands! He only claims to beat up Kuenai! I will triumph that night! :rofl:

But yeah, in seriousness please hold up until at least I get up there, lol!

tourney update

wooooo sf4 is almost here. ok anyways back to update. We will have two PS3’s and two TVS (32in and 24in) running SF4 side by side. the tournament shall be with both players using pads unless we can come up with two sticks for everyone to use. it is unfair for someone to have to be forced to use a pad while someone uses stick because they couldnt shell out the $150 bucks for the one or get one due to limited availability. keep in mind this is to get everyone in the area together and more people interested, not to scare them away. oh and as a side note, space/ electrical sockets is limited so dont bring like ten fricken tvs. and if u do bring anything make sure you have a car to put it in if we dont have space for it. i dont want someone complaining they have to hold there orginal xbox the entire time cuz they brought it to play capcom fighting evolution… so if you do have your own pads or sticks bring em. email me if u have any questions. i look forward to seeing u all there

We have two PS3 sticks and two 360 sticks available, as well as a 360 for the third setup.

How did this tourney go? Im sorry i could not have made it. I was pretty busy at work and could not get off early enough. Hope everything went well.