Skateboarder whoops someone holding a pistol

Gangster gets his ass kicked by skateboarder. Having a gun doesn’t always guarantee a victory. Need to use it if your going to pull it. Heard about it on twitter


the moral of the story is don’t be a stupid nigga. period.
both of them were stupid, IMHO, for various reasons.

don’t flash dance first off. at the same time if a dude pulls a gun on you, you are stupid if you try to disarm him and you don’t have a gun (and even if you have a gun that is incredibly risky), IMO. dude coulda lost his life easily.

lol @ that shit backfiring though (no pun intended) on the dude. he got what he deserved. bet he got jumped by his set too, afterwards lol.

Lol gun guy got his just deserts.

Yeah that could of gone bad for both real fast. Atleast the dude learned his lesson. The other guy probably thinks he is invincible now???

There is a video forum…

I think you’re lying because it would only make sense to post it there instead of GD, right?
Obviously he made the correct choice.

It sounded like the gun migh of when off…

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I know right?

I considered it but this has to be seen by the masses. 60 viewing GD and 2 in video. But go ahead and move…

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Wow that is some ass whuppin that got handed out, and by a white boy no less. That guy just loss some SERIOUS street cred. Honestly, taking a gun from someone is a risky and stupid. I would only fight someone with a gun if it was to protect one of my sisters or my girl. I’d get shot for all three of them in a heartbeat, but I could care less about whats in my wallet. I can cancel my credit cards in less than 5 minutes.

Gotta say I think the thug got off lightly. Once he was on the ground they should have been stomping him out for that. Like, fuck punches, the motherfucker pulled a gun on you, kick his head in! Not that I’m a tough guy or anything, but that’s what I thought watching it.

Also, I’ve read rumours the skater ate a drive-by. Any truth to that?

EDIT: Although there were a couple of good shots with the skateboard I guess. He had trouble walking away. I guess if they’d been any more savage with the beatdown the cops wouldnt have seen it so much as self defence. Interesting vid anyway…

Yeah his buddies were like get off of him, no more. I would of grabbed the gun and killed that fool. It looks like they knew each other, and I wouldn’t doubt it if that fool got retaliated on after all that other fool already plays with guns and had his pride hurt as well…

There was a security guard running up to the fight. If they took it any further it wouldn’t have been self defense. I’ve been in this situation before, sadly, but it never turns out like this. The best skatepark in my town is next to the projects and it’s just a bad part of town in general. Fortunately everyone knows to leave their shit in their car, parked at the gas station down the street from the skatepark where cops hang out. Getting a gun pulled on you isn’t fun, people will do that shit in broad daylight.

where’s the vid?

In the Video Forum…take a peek.

removed by youtube :frowning:

Since you ask here it is…

seriously, its not often you get a good reason to beat somebodys ass til near death. that *** deserved it. mother fuckers got that pistol courage. whatever happened to learning how to fight