Skate's Southern Stick Shifts

Hello, all! You may or may not know me from Tech Talk. In any case, I am here to provide joystick modifications to the Southern area! I can do dual mods, LED mods, wireless/double wireless mods, multi console mods, and all other sorts of goodness!

As a bit about the name, it’s just a bit of alliteration mixed with my local nickname, Skate.

Just to give you a little background information about me, I’m a modder hailing from Georgia, and I’ve spent a lot of time answering questions and helping around in Tech Talk. But sometimes, even getting an experienced modder to walk you through the steps of a mod can be difficult (see So, instead of spending hours slaving over a hot soldering iron, why not hire the experienced to do the mods for you?

I’m here to represent the Southern area, and hungry for mods! Here are some of my prices, but if you have a mod you’d like to be done that’s not listed here, PM me, and we can likely make it happen. Joystick repair is also completely possible.

Artwork/Button/joystick swap: Because the stock stuff doesn’t always cut it. $10, add $30 for Hori sticks requiring drilling/desoldering to swap parts. Please do not send uncut artwork. I am handy with a soldering iron, not a hobby knife. Free with any other mods. You must provide the buttons, joystick, and artwork, or add in the full price of the buttons and stick with your mod. Includes installing artwork in Seimitsu buttons.

USB cable replacement/repair: Did your USB cable just get perfected by the puppy’s chewing, or lose a tough round in the heat of battle? $15, add $5 for a new cable. If you don’t purchase the new cable, and don’t provide a replacement, then you’ll have a heat shrink bandage over the damaged area.

360 to PS3 dual mod: Need your lucky 360 TE prepped for the next major tourney that’s on PS3? $75 gets you a PCB, and installation. I prefer to use DualStrikeSMD, but will use ChImp SMD (add $5) or PS360 (add $15) upon request. If you provide the PCB yourself, subtract $30. If your 360 PCB is not common ground (I.E. Hori EX2), then you must use PS360 or add $40 to cover a 360 PCB and additional services for rewiring the stick. I can install a physical switch to flip between systems if you prefer.

PS3 to 360 dual mod: Got a PS3 at home, but everybody else has 360s, and you have no stick to bring to the brawl? $85 including PCBs. I use Imp and a fightpad or madcatz model #4716 controller, depending on the availability and price. Add $5 for PS360 if you do not have one to provide. If you can provide your own Imp and common ground 360 PCB (no matter what it is) or PS360, subtract $40. Same situation as 360 for non-common ground setups. I can install a switch if you’d rather have that than using an Imp.

PS3 > 360 dual mod

Custom dual mods: Want your own custom dual system set up like PS2 and 360? No problem. $50 plus cost of the PCB (which vary from console to console, talk to me, and we’ll figure it out) gets you any system you want added on to whatever console you want. Note, you will have to add on $10 plus cost of PCB to replace your current PCB if it is not common ground.

PS2 added to a PS3 TE

Triple mods: Two not enough for you? Me neither. $65 + PCBs gets you whatever two systems you want added onto your current stick. Again, add $10 plus the cost of the third PCB.

Multi-console/ MC Cthulhu section:

This is where things get tricky. So bear with me here:

Base price: $90. This includes the installation of the MC Cthuhlu, a USB cable connected, and one other console supported by the MC of your choice (For a list of supported consoles: Add $10 for an additional system. If you want more than 3 systems, you must get an RJ45 mod.

RJ45 mod: Add $25. Have an RJ45 port installed, and wired up for detachable system cables to swap to any systems you want. Comes with USB cable and a system of your choosing. Add $10 for additional cables.

Dual mod with 360: Add $25 for Imp and the dual mod. If you don’t have a common ground PCB, add $30 for a replacement PCB.

Dual mod with other console: Add $15. Add cost of replacement PCB if yours is not common ground.

System cables: $10 each, plus $6 USPS priority shipping with delivery confirmation for all of them.

Wireless section: These are all prices for “as solo” or in addition to an existing PCB.

Wireless Single system (Wii, PS3 or 360): $90 including PCB(s) for 360 or PS3, $60 for Wii

Wireless Double system: $130 with PCBs, $110 if one is Wii

Wireless Triple system: $155 with PCBs

*Note: Wii is listed as wireless, as it connects to the wireless Wiimote. You will still need a Wiimote to use the stick.

Full rewiring: $50 If you’ve ever had a mod turn out looking like this:

and you’ve had issues with buttons or joystick, get your insides checked and cleaned up like this:

Coming Soon: LED mods. Purplearms is currently out of Arc eyes, and so am I. If you want to use KNserts (only white), let me know. Will offer with Sparky/FGWidget LED controllers, and also light up bubbletops may be offered in the future… Stay tuned.

As far as shipping goes, this is NOT included, and charged at the cost of the shipping company. What’s easiest is UPS, and mailing it with a return label, so I can mod your stick, and tape it back up in the same box with the new label on top, and ship it right back out. Otherwise, you will need to ship it out, and include return shipping. If you do not pay return shipping, I obviously cannot send your stick back. If you would rather bring your stick in, I can either schedule a time to mod your stick for you or you can drop it off and I’ll let you know when it is ready for pickup.

Please ship PCBs in the anti-static bags they are sold in (typically), if sending a controller to be padhacked for a PCB, then please leave it assembled to avoid any possibility of PCB damage from static.

Turnaround time is typically 1?6 business days from date of receipt. Six is extremely rare, but if I have enough mods sitting on the table, it can take a while to finish and ship them all out. One to three day turnaround times are much more common.

Feel free to PM me for more information or to request a mod.

This is my Sweetheart.

Tech Talk guys should know who jdm714 is.
I have been mentoring Nerrage for while.
So you guys can trust this Service.

Thank, you jdm714 for all you do! Mentoring and endorsement from Tech Talk himself!

Nice your in Ga… When you offer LED mods such as arc-eye or fgwidget please let me know.

Nerrage! Bumped for great justice.

I hate that jdm guy though… jk me <3 u

Good Stuff Nerrage, wish you the best of luck with your business.

Unfortunately, both purplearms (producer of arc eyes) and I are out of these. When Arc Eyes v2 are released (which will be hopefully soon), I will have stock. Yes, I can combine these with FGWidget, which I do have. I can use KNserts now, because those are available, but they will only be white light, so the light will be the color of your buttons.

Thanks, right back at’cha! :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

So a 360 dual mod with MC Cthulhu and RJ45 would be 90+25+25=$140?

Also, any chance you’ll be providing services at Final Round?

Yes, that is correct.

Sadly, I probably won’t be able to make it to final round, as a lack of interest in anyone to combine rooms and rides locally isn’t interested, and that’s just way too huge of a cost to go it alone. I am pretty sure DaRabidDuckie and gummowned will be there, and they’ll be able to take care of your modding needs.

Can you Pm me a price for a wired xbox 360 only pcb?

Never you had a thread. Super bump