Skeleton's in GD's Closet Ver. 2014 "Having fun isnt hard, when you lose your V-card"

This idea was taken from “that other land” where to chosen kept secret gawlike conversations, now that it is has no purpose I thought we could get something going here, nothing too revealing or too controversal please just maybe some things that would be interesting. I think this has potential but ill leave it in 2013 PG era SRK decide

ill start with three I guess

when I was in the ER ambulance van I was listening to Cavern of Remberance (30 min extended all the way on the ride there) from KOH2FM on my playlist

I listen to some Video Game Ost’s when im worried or stressed

I lost my V-card to a whore

pretty boring but I thought you guys would be better, dont get it twisted im still The Ultimate

I read the first post in this thread.

I used to fuck fat bitches.

And the night I was supposed to lose my V-card… I was drunk, and fell asleep while trying to put it in.

I ever tell anyone around here the time I made out with a dude…
Didn’t realize it was a dude til my hands started creeping down?
SMH, oops?

I dont discriminate if a woman is ugly, fat or whatever
every meat is good as long is not sausage as the lord wanted to be

I’ve probably had sex with your girlfriends.

i see that you disagree with me @sirmixahlot
that could mean that you like sausage then
what would you tell to our lord when your time comes?

I disagree with the “lord” nonsense. But this isn’t a religious debate, or @Cisco would be here right now.

And to answer your question: “Well fuck, you should have come to the party I invited you to. Since you didn’t show, I stopped believing.”

Oh christ, please don’t start the vegitarian debate with Mixah!

Also, you used to fuck fat bitches? Weren’t you the Archbishop of the church of DFC?

Less vegetarian, more homo in his case.

And yes… Which I became that way when I stopped fucking fat bitches.

I had sex with a fatty while drunk, caught my foreskin on the zipper fly, and got wiener damage. There’s a chunk missing where the skin connects on the underside of my wang.

I am terrified of meeting new people it’s scary to me.

I am really black.

I’m a former arachnophobic.

I received head on my first date and my friends felt the need to tell everyone when I confided in one of them.

My friends are very open with each on the topic about sex and fapping (which is cool I guess), yet because I’m the “good one”, I feel like a prude who can’t really discuss that with them.


I used to be a huge Dipset fan

I lost my virginity at a late age, 15 :frowning: she was 18

I was really lame about it and wrote her poetry. She said it was just sex and to get over it. I kept bothering her and she told me if I kept it up she would tell my mom, which made me drop that shit real quick.

In 2nd grade me and this girl Lindsey showed each other our genitals in the middle of class and touched and somehow didnt get caught when we sat in the front row.

I still have nude pictures of my exes I said i would delete. Never posted them online though.

I haven’t cried (like, for real cried, getting wet eyes during the last scene in speed racer doesnt count) since 2001, when my brothers grandmother died.

I once fought off a dragon with a broomstick
I had sexual relations with over 300 women and counting
I was on the road with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
I walked before I crawled
I have dinner with Obama every Thursday and then school him in SF4 after
I ate lightning and crapped thunder
I assassinated a zombie Hitler with a headbutt
I fart febreze
stalemated Chuck Norris in whatever Chuck Norris does
I like to lie on threads that make no sense

I am software and I can reveal this secret to you because there’s a 99.9234234823462384623846232834238% chance that you won’t believe me.

The one time I participated in a Prince of Masturbation thread, I lost in record time.

I jerked it that day to gay porn.

Specifically Dr. B.

Good job Specs. Ever since I’ve been following Guilty Bits, I know what you sound like. Makes the post all the funnier.

My power level is over 9000 and 0 is the amount of fucks that are given by me.

And this is why furries shouldn’t make threads.