Sketches :O

Sup fam! S’been awhile since I posted. You know the deal, Crit my ass somtin FIERCE!


Philly from Cannonbusters

E. Honda

Those are awesome! I like the extra attention to detail you put on Ken and E.Honda’s faces =D

yea…really nice stuff. Love the style.

kando do you take comissions?

nice man. Looks like SF3NG art but still Kandomodo. Get on aim

Awesome.Reminds me of my favorite anime MINDGAME.Love that style.

Aion - Thanks yo! (:
The Epidemic - Thx! :open_mouth:
**TRT **- Yeah. You lookin for somethin clean or just a sketch?
DF - Dood I’m on right now, WTF?!? Where you at?
Ha-dou-ken - Mindgame? googles

man those are really good, i like the style you draw especially on E Honda

KANDOKEN you bastard child, why aren’t you updating this thread of yours with your lovely sketches!?..

man…those are very very nice…(starts the slow clap)

Holy shit dude, you have talent coming out of your elbows. Awesome work.:tup:

been meaning to reply, just haven’t found the time to :slight_smile:
good stuff. really nice work… you’ve def improved since we last had the pleasure of seeing your stuff.

no crits, you are god.

edit: i didn’t misspell good just then.

I’ve always admired your work kando. Post some more up when you can. :slight_smile:



For me?

For Jets

Self portrait LOLZ


Sir, how do you beats so hord?


Is that Ryu from BoF?

i really like the face on that chun li. :tup:

Excellent work! Just really really good. The colours on Zangief are great, Chun Li is just a little out of proportion, her neck needs to be shorter and the rest of her body needs to be stretched out a bit especially her legs which look a little short. But you can be forgiven for that.

I bow to thee.

awesome work dude, now i need to get back to sketching again you sir have inspired me:wonder:

yeah that chunli is out of proportion but awesome skillz and painting too:lovin: