Sketchup Arcade Part Models Thread

That’s cool, I’ve got this program now and I can just make the parts from the measurements on the sites.

Thanks for this!

I used Sketchup to do a mockup for my most recent case. I eventually went with half-blind dovetails instead of box joints, but it helped with the dimensions. It’s also really nice for testing out the aesthetics of a design or the spacing of a layout without going to a lot of trouble building a physical model.

stupid question: How do you take a screen shot of the models?

You can hit the Print Screen key and paste it into a image program. Or, the easier way, in Sketchup go to File --> Export --> 2D Graphic.

thanks for the tip

How would I round the corners? I know in auto-cad there’s a fillet tool, but can’t find anything similar in sketchup.

halp? :smiley:

Good question. Are you just trying round a 2 point corner, or 3 points?

It’s easy to do 2 points. Using the Tape Measure tool, click on a corner, then move down the edge the radius of the corner you want and place a point. You might think you can use the Tape Measure tool to create a point on the opposite edge, but it will not allow you to infer a correct measurement with the Arc tool. You must use the Protractor. Click the first point, then the corner, then set a 45 angle.

Now using the Arc tool, click the tape measure point you set, then the protractor edge intersection, then move the cursor out and it should snap as Tangent to Edge.

Delete the extra edges and surface, use Push/Pull, et voila!


This is an awesome thread. Would anybody be willing to make their designs available in Sketchup? I had a lot of questions regarding the joystick mounting area (for instance, how is it that the ‘SS’ Seimitsu plate and the JLF-P1 Sanwa plate are just about interchangeable? Won’t the joystick heights be different).

Many thanks.

Can I ask for a Hori (any of the most popular cases will do) Sketchup model, please? I don’t have one to measure it, sadly.

If I had a Hori I’d give it a shot for you, but alas I do not :frowning:

No problem, maybe if someone can provide us with good measurements we can work something out :wink:

nice, thread bookmarked.

great contribution 1esproc I’m gonna check this out right now

sketchup is a real beauty. So easy to use!

I made a mockup of the body for a two player stick I plan on making:

This is really gonna be helpful when I’ll be building it.

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I just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread it’s going to be very helpful so keep it going. I used some of your models for my project just to see how things fit together and everything fits perfectly. feel free to check it out I think we can only benefit from something like this.

Q. - Does anybody know how to add art to a surface?

P.S. Please don’t get caught up in a flame war that’s the last thing a helpful thread like this needs.

anybody have mounting area details on a joystick, or are people just plopping the joystick image on a wooden block?

there are “templates” or “blocks” you can download, of the actual LS32 stick, as well as the Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons - Some kind soul took the time to draw them to scale.

If you read the first post, and click the links show below the various mounting plates, you can take measurements right in Sketchup.