Skill cap

Please take time to listen b4 flaming/ me. 1st of all I would like to say sry for doing this unconventionally, I do know there is a thread for this. But I have been on that thread and I get no hope at all… when I add a user either there not that good and want to learn or they dont accept my f/r. Well here is my beef I have reached my skill cap… I can do a bunch of combos (in game combos) and I have a good game overall… ranked doesnt seem to offer gr8 competition anymore I am just looking for good players (that take BB seriously) to play with. So I am BEGGING, if you play BB religiously then PLZ add me or leave Ur xbl GT for me … BB is the only game I play and im just looking to take my skill to the next level … AGAIN I understand that forums have rules for a reason and I dont mean to break them … but I hope u understand that threads that have already been posted are not working for me … thank you

My gt is o M3GaTRoN o

you’re saying ranked matches don’t offer competition? You should be fighting higher levels… there are many good players :o
(unless you’re like the number 1 player on the rankings…? >.>)

You even acknowledge that there is a thread for this and you still make one? o_O

You want competition? Stop playing online and find some real offline competition. Go into your local areas thread, go to the biggest scene near your areas thread, and go play some real quality games. That’s how people get better at fighting games when they hit barriers.

If you don’t want to do that and actively want to find online comp then go into #blazblue on efnet. There are ALWAYS people on there that are willing to play and you might just be surprised…